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Fred is officially disabled

Just thought I’d share, for family members who visit my blog and folks who might be wondering about what we’re up to. My hubby of 24 years, Fred, is now officially disabled. His back is so bad he can’t work now so we’re applying for occupational disability through the RailRoad. He has 3 disks that have slipped and progressive debilitating arthritis  or something like that. All I know is that he hurts an awful lot, poor guy. So anyway when we get the disability our income will be about half of what it used to be when we worked full time and we’ll probably have to move. Already we’ve missed a house payment, which is terribly humbling, but that’s the nature of the beast. We’re seeing if our house loan can be refinanced with one of the Obama plans for lower interest rate so people don’t lose their homes. If we lose our current home we’ll move closer to my folks and get the kids closer to their church.

We’re kind of philosophical about the house. We love our house, but it’s just a house and if the Lord needs us elsewhere, well, we’re not going to argue with Him. That never gets anyone anywhere. And it’s not like anyone has died or lost a limb or become blind or deaf. Not that those are impossible to overcome, just that it’s easier to move than it is to adjust to never hearing or seeing again, easier to move than learning to use just one hand or one leg. It’s just a house, a material object and those can easily be replaced. People, arms, legs, ears and eyes aren’t so easy to replace. Our home really is where our heart is, not where our house is. Hearts are eternal, houses are temporal.

I’m not sure what the Lord has planned for us, but I’m interested to see where He leads us and how he provides for us during this challenging time.



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