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Stock-Market Insecurity

Chaos on Wallstreet

Paulson to Propose Financial Market Overhaul

Parsing Paulson’s Proposal

The government is talking about making the Federal Reserve bigger (much, much bigger) so it can better regulate the stock market. I hope it doesn’t come to fruition. My personal belief is that making gov’t bigger is seldom the solution. Making it smaller and putting individuals in the position where they have to behave with integrity or suffer the consequenses is.

I’m not sure how to transfer this philosophy to health care. I have many friends and family members who simply go without health care currently and I see how drastically it affects their quality of life. We’re lucky. We have health insurance through Fred’s employer. They recently doulbed the amount they’re taking from our paycheck though and we’re feeling the pinch.

I’ll write more about how we’re feeling the pinch later today or tomorrow.

For today, I’m watching the stock-market. I don’t have stocks, but I think it’s one of the indicators of how our economy is doing. I suspect things will not go well today, one way or the other.



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Old Fashioned Education

I’ve received several letters about my homeschool site and thought I would set things in order.

 I did delete the Yahoo Group. I’m honestly not able to keep up with it. I would love to be able to devote the attention to it that it deserves, but that simply isn’t possible. Posts were getting out of hand and realizing that I could not fix it, I let it go. There was probably a more graceful way to do it. I am not always as graceful as I’d like to be with these things and I apologize to anyone I’ve hurt or surprised or caused grief to through my decision.

The official Old Fashioned Education site is still up and will remain up for years to come. The Yahoo Group I started several years ago has been deleted.

A new Yahoo Group has been started that seems to be affiliating itself with Old Fashioned Education. I did not start that group and do not know who did, but am in the process of finding out more about it.

If you have started a group or message board that uses OFE and would like a link from my main page, please share the url addy in a comment and I’ll check out your group. I think several groups are a great idea so that people can choose the ones that are best for their methods.

I’ll update as soon as I know more. 

Please feel free to post your questions, comments (and even rants, frustration or well justified anger) to this entry. I promise to daily take the time, read and address comments from now until Easter. I will make it a high priority so that everyone who needs to be heard can be.

Thank-you–Miss Maggie


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