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Reader Recipes–Beverages

Howdy all. In a previous post I explained that I will be accepting recipes on a different subject every month. The recipes must be posted as comments to this blog entry. I will not accept them through email. I would appreciate it if only recipes on this topic are contributed this month. Next Month (January) I’ll accept recipes on a new topic. Not sure what it will be yet, but will share as soon as I figure it out.

So get our your recipe boxes Ladies and show us what ya’ got!



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Miss Maggie, I have this recipe . . .

I get literally, hundreds of offers of recipes every year. In the past I was unable to keep up with them. I’ve received so many over the years, that they sometimes seem more of a burden than a gift. I know that sounds mean, and truly I do not mean for it to. I find it overwhelming though, and can’t see the forest for the trees.

So I’ve been thinking about ways to handle that. In all honesty I am interested new recipes. Of course I am, I LOVE new recipes. I can only appreciate them within certain boundaries though. 

So what I’ve decided is that each month I will accept recipes on a specific subject, and I will only accept them on my blog, not through e-mail. I don’t do this to hurt anyone. As a matter of fact, I am trying to find a way to recieve and appreciate more recipes from my readers, and I think this method might do the trick.

I’ll make a new post later tonight with the current subject. I would apprecite it if you could post your recipes on that blog post, because it will be easier for readers to find your recipes in the blog archives.

If I try and love a recipe so much that I want to publish it on my site, then I’ll credit it to whoever posted it.

Thank-you sooooooo much for understanding. And I sincerely apologize for any feelings I’ve hurt over the years by not begin able to accept recipes with more grace.


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Granny Apple Green

I think I’m satisfied with the color scheme now. I may change the dark green headings on the the Recipe Index page to lighter green like on the Food Storage page. I”ll have to let it soak in a while before I’m sure.

I’ve added a light green bar under the heading on the main pages that will contain any updates to that section. On the Recipe Index and  Food Storage pages you can find the recipes I’ve been adding. I added soem icons on the Food Stoage page to identify which types of starge goods each recipe uses. Let me know what you think of them. Are they redundant or helpful?

I know some of the readers store dehydrated foods for emergencies, but I don’t know how many. If you are interested in more information on using dehydrated foods, please let me know. If you prefer recipes using more commonly available canned goods and supermarket staples let me know that too.

I love pantry & preparedness meals and menus. Ever since I discovered dehydrated vegetables I’ve been having so much fun with them. It might be somthing that not many people are interested in though, so please let me know your opinions on it one way or the other.


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New Front Page

Whew, I have worked my fingers and my brain until they’re both bleeding. 🙂 Well, not really, but I have worked really hard and I am pleasantly exhausted. I took all of the suggestions to heart and tossed them around in my brain until I came up with something that I think sets FA apart from it’s predecessor. It’s a little gaudy with all the red, and I’m not sure I will keep the red, but for the moment it does the job. I also rewrote my introduction. It’s not set in stone either, but it’s getting there.

I’m interested in any feedback yall might have on the new look. If necessary you can comment anonymously, I prefer honesty to fibs.

I changed the name of the Sewing Room to Hobby Room, so I can put more than my sewing  stuff there. It will be at least January until I get anythign up on that page, but I will let everyone know when I do. I also added a new section called Frugal Food Storage. I do lots of cooking with canned and dried goods and it will be pleasant for me to have a place to share them. They aren’t exactly mainstream, but they are one of the ways we deal with our Feast and Famine lifestyle, so I thought I’d share. I have been uncomfortably poor at different times of my life, so I have a tendency to keep my pantries full in case of future scarcity.

This afternoon I took the boys out to my folk’s house. It was wonderful to be with my Mom and sister. The topic of hording (hoarding?) came up and I realized that part of the reason I’m overweight is because I hoard food on my body. Working with my food storage program reminds me that I can hoard all the food I like in the pantry, but I Do Not have to store it on my body. This was a breakthrough for me and I was happy for the revelation.

I’ve been reading the Weigh Down Diet by Gwyn Shamblyn (sp?) and find that it is really speaking to my heart. It suggests that controlling the food is not the problem–counting calories, exchanges or fat grams. Self control is not the problem either because few of us have adequate self-control to do anything as gigantic as losing weight. Instead she recommends asking God to take control of our appetites and trusting Him to direct our paths. She also talks a lot about recognizing hunger and satiety and responding to these feeling as soon as we feel them. Especially satiety or fullness. I have realized the past week of reading this book that I tend to eat past fullness to a pleasantly comfortable stupor. Boy is that surely an uncomfortable thing to learn about myself. Still with each realization I’m able to let go of bad habits and the results are showing up, slowly but surely, on the scale. I’m not going to update very often about my on going struggle to lose weight. But when I have some success I will share it.

Over the next week or two I’ll update the rest of the pages at FA so the style will match the front page. Tonight though, I’m going to blissful sleep.


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Reader Input Requested

A few folks have mentioned to me how similar Frugal Abundance is to HBHW, and I would like to design it so there are fewer similarities, but to tell the truth, I don’t know how. I considered using color images, but readers have mentioned how much they like the black and white, and to tell the truth I like the B&W images better too. So I am interested in some other ways I could make Frugal Abundance stand more on it’s own. The way it looks right now is not the way it has to stay, I can change things around organizationally, I can use 1 or 2 colors to add depth. I’m sure there are lots of other things too, but I don’t know what they are. If anyone has any ideas or links to share, please let me know what they are.

I feel it’s more respectful of Suzanne if I can limit the similarities between FA & HBHW, but since I’m still using the same brain and the same creative spark to create FA, I’m kind of stuck about how to make that happen. Looking forward to your feedback. :-)Miss Maggie


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More Updates

  • Creamy White Bean & Vegetables Soup— Hearty winter fare. Nourishing and comforting on cold afternoons.
  • Curried Chickpeas & Sweet Potatoes–Reminiscent of a chicken dish my Mom made for years. I prepared this for lunch on Wednesday when my mom brought my nephew Oscar to visit. Served it with stewed apricots and yogurt and was delighted at how much she liked it. I’m so used to the guys fussing abut everything I cook, I had forgotten what a pleasure it is to cook for someone who appreciates it. Fred likes this dish enough not to complain when I prepare it, but Mom really recognized it for how good it is. Made from canned goods, it’s a great pantry meal.
  • Maple Nut Bars. Fred’s favorite bar cookies. I make these with genuine maple syrup because it has slightly kinder effects on DH bloodsugar levels than other sweeteners. Fiber in the whole wheat flour, fat from the butter, and fat & protein in the nuts makes this bar a good choice for diabetics because it doesn’t make bloodsugar spike so badly.
  • Fudgy Carob Brownies. Chocolate lovers won’t like these, but Carob lovers will sing angelic songs about them. Just the right combination of sweet, chewy, richy, fudgy and the tiniest touch of bitter to make it all perfect.

BTW, do y’all like the black and white images, or the color images, or a mix or couldn’t care less one way or the other? Am very interested in responses.


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Over the weekend I edited the articles under Biblical Womanhood. As I read them I am struck by how my views have changed and how they’ve stayed the same. I still love my headcovering, and I still dress modestly, but as I’ve become more secure in these behaviors, I don’t need the strict rules so much anymore. The habit has become ingrained, so I’m able to relax more and just be myself. I mainatin these articles because so many people have thanked me for them and asked me to keep them available. I hope to update my headcovering and modesty testimony in the next few months. Most of hte articles were written 6 years ago, and with maturity, comes insight. So I’m putting that on the list of things to do.

Also added some recipes, 2 new ones and an old favorite.

Lastly, I’m having trouble figuring out what color to use as my background. I’ve tried seagreen, dusty blue, silver grey, light salmon, and now red. I may change it to match the seasons. Let me knwo what you think.


🙂 M


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