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Frugal Fat Loss

I’ve uploaded and updated my Exchange Plan Diet and the 15 Challenges of Successful Christian Weight Loss. Along with many other goodies, they can both be found on the new page

Frugal Fat Loss.

You’ll also see PDF files of all the informtion and some new menu planner helps for planning a healthy diet. There are dietary exchange lists, similar to the ones used by Diabetics, food plans including a variety of calorie, protien and carbohydrate combinations and bonus plans for petite frame women and those who are metabolically challenged.

As always, this information is provided for free with Christian love and kindness. Enjoy!



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Making the Best of It!

This is my healthy-eating-manifesto. It doesn’t cover gluten-free or casein-free, it’s just the standard American diet, made as economical and as healthy as I know how. Eventually I’ll write more about GFCF stuff, but for now I’m updating all my regular recipes for regular cooking because most of my readers are looking for ways to make their regular diet more nutritious without costing an arm and a leg. The article is linked below. It’s in PDF format. I believe I’ve edited out most of the kinks but if you find some typos please let me know.

Making the Best of It!

Moving from a fat-filled, sugar-laden stupor to a leaner, healthy lifestyle. 

For epub and mobi versions go here.

Please comment on this article here. Any tips along these lines you’d like to share are also welcome. I really wanted to get this article finished and published before I worked on the rest of my site. Making the Best of It! is like the premise that I want to base my site on. With it published it’s easier for me to maintain my focus on the goals I’m trying to accomplish. Hope you enjoy it, and even if you don’t, please let me know.


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Comments on updates, here please

I am updating FA right now and OE (or OFE) should be up and running now too. The updates to FA will take the rest of the week and perhaps a little longer, but I’m working on them non-stop so things should be orderly before too long.

I considered redoing my website on a blog the way so many of them are now. It would have allowed for comments on each recipe, but then I looked into the cost of these packages and it’s beyond me. So in the interest of saving money I’m keeping my basic format of  a single recipe per page and easy naviagtion via a recipe index (or several, as the case may be).

I am interested in input in what you would like to see in a budget cooking website and any old-favorites you’d like to see again. Also, any doll enthusiasts, I’m always happy to hear from you too.  I’ll have time over the summer to do more work, and I plan to take advantage of that to remake things into a cohesive whole.



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