Where are you?

I’m in real life, not on the internet. I have 2 teenage boys on the autism spectrum who need a lot of hands on parenting and a lot of help with homeschool. I am babysitting my 18 month old granddaughter for 10 hours a day. In addition my grandmother is nearly 90,her main care-giver, my aunt Linda is 60,  my parents (both in their 60’s) who used to live in Minnesota have moved nearby and my only sister is going through chemotherapy for rectal cancer. I cook 3 meals a day, because we are still on our gluten free diet and it takes a lot of cooking to maintain it on a budget. Fred has diabetes and I have PCOS. I’m 41 years old this year and to tell the truth my plate is full. Now I expect that in the next couple or three years that things will settle down. Our granddaughter will eventually start public school (her mom, an adult foster child of my grandmother’s, feels that public school is the best choice, and I defer to the mom, because God made her the mom for reasons that I don’t  have to understand, all I have to do is trust God). My teenage boys will grow up and start college, get jobs, or in the case of my oldest son, perhaps agree to a program that will help him develop independant living skills, and then eventually attend an institution of higher education.

Fred’s back, which was terribly injured earlier this year, is much better, he has been back to work for several months, but his back will eventually give out again, and when it does we’ll be retiring. Perhaps sooner than later. At that time, I’ll have more time to devote to all of my favorite interet projects. Until that time though, I have to maintain the  projects and relationships that I have in real life. For the time being, that takes all of my skills, all of my energy and all of time. If there was more of me to go around, I would devote more here, but there isn’t, so I have to adapt as best I can.

I have many thanks and much appreciation for all of the people who have been so kind and faithful over the years and hope to spend more time with you all when my schedule changes and my kids grow up. Until then, there are many, many quality sites online that can provide information on a variety of subjects, that for the time being, I cannot.

Hugs & Love all around

Maggie 🙂



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25 responses to “Where are you?

  1. Just glad to hear that you are just busy! Take care of yourself and your family, and know that you are often thought of.

  2. Amy

    Its so good to hear from you and you do sound busy and I hope you are enjoying the Holidays and don’t forget to take time for yourself you have been an inspiration to me for many years!
    God bless you and your family!

  3. Thank you for taking time out to let us know how you are all doing. I pray that the endurance of yourself and your family will lead to a greater hope in the Lord. Isn’t it exciting to think about Jesus return during Advent? One day they’ll be no struggles, no worries, we’ll busy praising God but never tire, spend eternity marvelling at his Son, Jesus our Saviour, and it will never be hum drum.

    Praying God will bless you in ways neither of us may truley grasp, as you bring him glory by giving every days’ circumstances to Him.

    Clare 🙂 xx

  4. WOW! Busy? I should say so! I’ve had your other site “An Old-Fashioned Education” site bookmarked for some time, and now linked directly from my blog. I love all the info you have provided – THANK YOU! Blessings and prayers to you and your family!

  5. Jasmine

    I have recently taken a very proactive approach with my six year olds education. He is still in public school and the system is failing him. He is soo lost but sooo bright. He is a little different and have taken him to psychiatrist and neurologist who have found nothing wrong. He was going to weekly therapy but didnt see that help. I wish I could just keep him home and teach him myself but I have to work. So I take about 2 hours each day and do my own work with him. I have taken many ideas from this website and wish I had more time to cover more. Thank you so much for taking your time and putting all of this info in one place.

  6. Sylvia

    Thanks for the update. May God bless your family in this new year.

  7. Carmen O. Hubbs

    So, I have two boys and a girl. My oldest boy is 10 and has been diagnosed with ADHD, my middle child (boy) is going to be 9 next week has been diagnosed with Autism and is medicated for ADHD and epilepsy, my daughter (5)…well, her teachers/principal think that she is on the spectrum too. I am so frustrated with public school! I am a single mom and am really hoping that I can get some freelance work (enough that I could stay home and homeschool my kids during the day). It is so frustrating with life just hits us between the eyes.

    I am thankful for my children and I know God had a reason for putting them in my life. I currently work full time at a government job and just don’t know what the next step is. I am praying for guidance…I left the Navy after my middle child was diagnosed with autism. It took me awhile to adjust to that diagnosis.

    Anyway, I wanted to thank you so much for all the work you have done on your website! You have blessed my heart.

  8. mel

    It was good to see this. I miss you but I do understand busy! You have my number and other contact info if there is anything I can do for you.
    All on PH keep you in prayer and we love you dearly.

  9. The Mominator

    Just wanted to let you know that your website still feeds me even though you aren’t able to tend it with all of the other irons in the fire!

  10. Helen

    Miss Maggie, I found your site, hillbillyhousewife and fell in love with it. I got so much advice and used so many of your recipes. I hope that when you come back, you have much of the same on your blog. Take care of yourself and family and come back to us because you are missed.

  11. Suzanne

    Thanks for the update. Prayers for you and your family that He keeps you strong and able! Thank you for keeping your website up!

  12. Vicki

    Just glad to hear you are doing OK! We all miss you very much but know you will come back when you are able. Good luck to you and thank you for all you have done for your internet community over the years. Your recipes are still feeding my family!

  13. Susan

    I am glad you are ok. Please add my e-mail address to get your blog. Susan steveac@bellsouth.net

  14. Maggie,
    Glad that you are OK. I miss reading your posts, but certainly agree that real life comes first. God bless you and your family and I am praying that He will increase your strength and grant you all that you need for each day! Sending ((HUGS)) from WV and will come by from time to time in case you have a minute to post a little something now and again.
    Charlotte Spears

  15. Latifa Wiley

    I also am a single parent of a special needs child. Public school is history for us as of last Fri. This week we start homeschool. As far as home schooling materials to help me out here I am looking for free, buying isn’t in my now budget. My grandchildren are in my care as well for many hours every day. My income is well, needing free teaching materials says it all. Just said a prayer and asked for help and then found this website of yours. Thank you, Sincerely, Latifa

  16. Sandry

    Sorry to have you go but sooo glad that you are not letting REAL life go by. I am exhausted just reading what all is up at your house! I have loved and enjoyed your sites and I wish you the best in the next portion of your life. Thank you for all you are doing now for your family and thank you for all that you have done for all of US! You are a special lady!

  17. Janice

    Maggie, I assume you have this set to let you know of messages. Just wanted to let you know that I have been following you since HH days, and read everything you’ve written about cooking, camping out, etc. I thought of you several times from my Alabama home as I creatively used up my food before it went bad, and cooked in my cast iron pans over sticks we collected after the storms (we sustained no damage, just no power for several days). I’m glad you’re focussing on your real life now (boy do I understand the too much going on!), but I wanted you to know that your free gift for so many years is still making an impact. Thanks for allowing me into a part of your life.

  18. Tammy Martin

    Hi Maggie- i also have been following you since HH, just found this new blog and i am sad you are giving it up for now, but i comepletley understand when the “skillets in the fire you gotta get it out!” I am also from alabama and things get tight around here too, but GOD is faithful and said HIS seed will not be begging bread. My husband also has a back injury, and has not worked since 91, I have PSTD and have not worked in about 4 years, we have 2 grown married boys. It was rough when they were small but things are lighter now. Oh well I love your advise hope your back on soon. Oh by the way why do you cover your head?

  19. Anonymous

    Just praying for you and your family. Take care and God Bless…

  20. I just want to say thank you for all you have done for us, your fans 🙂 Staying off of the time-sucker–I mean, internet–is definitely a good thing with that crazy busy to-do list! I LOVED HBHW (it’s ok now, but I like your style much better) and OFE has been, and continues to be, incredible. Your efforts are a blessing to your family and all of us, and any way that we can help you–PLEASE ask us!! I would jump at the chance to help out in some way, even though it could never repay what you have given me, personally, as well as the internet world as a whole. My family will wait patiently (truly!) for Miss Maggie to take care of things so we can “hear” from her again!

  21. Dawn

    “…….I defer to the mom, because God made her the mom for reasons that I don’t have to understand, all I have to do is trust God.”
    Love, love, love this!

  22. Just wanted to say hello and that you Old Fashioned Education site is still very helpful to my family!! I have used bits and pieces for years and I love it!

  23. Cindy Eubank

    I need to start my 6 year old in home school and I have no idea how to get started.
    I’m also very limited on financial resources this time of year. I cannot afford k-12. Until maybe there open enrollment in April.
    I have a friend (teacher) who is willing to get me the ciriculim when I get started.
    Can someone please help. It’s all new to me so I need easy step by step help.
    We live in Oklahoma. Thank you

    • Linda Aguinaga

      I live in Texas so I’m not sure what the laws are in Oklahoma..I feel bad for what you’re going through..you sound so frantic..I home school all my children..ages 13 to 2..My name is Linda Aguinaga, My email is lindaaguinaga@att.net or look for me on Facebook, just look me up and friend me or send me an email..I’ll be more than happy to point you in the right direction..

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