Hi, I’m Maggie, a headcovering, homeschooling, modest dressing Christian lady. I have 2 grown daughters, 2 teenage sons, 1 baby granddaughter, 4 fat cats, 2 fat dogs and 1 beloved husband. Fred and I have been married for 20 years. I used to own Hillbilly Housewife but felt the Lord telling me it was time to let it go. Now I own Frugal Abundance and feel it suits me better these days.

I’ve written extensively on homemaking, modesty, biblical submission and headcovering over the past decade. I’ve been published in magazines, both print and on-line. I’ve done a radio interview and been approached by half a dozen different producers about appearing on TV. So far I haven’t found a show I was willing to associate my name with, but if it ever happens, I’ll let everyone know.

I’m 38, have Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), a metabolic disorder that makes one gain weight and makes it especially difficult to lose weight. I’m on an eternal quest to reach a healthy weight and God willing, I intend to reach my goal.


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  1. Amanda Coers

    I just wanted to tell you how much your site has meant to me. Currently I work full time as an office administrator, I’m the mother of three children and a wife to a wonderful, but often neglected husband.

    I have been led to become more – thank GOD! In June, I will leave the workforce and begin homeschooling my children. I am striving to be a better mother and a better wife. These are huge steps for me and your site has inspired me to fully realize my glory as a woman living for God and serving her family.

    I am just now learning how to budget money, prepare weekly menus, and manage my household. It’s intimidating, but extremely rewarding. I’m even looking at raising chickens and sheep! This is a true make-over for this ditzy city kid.

    I know you must be terribly busy, but I felt I needed to let you know that you are helping so many moms and wives with your wonderful website. Thank you for sharing your blessed knowlege and insight!

    • Jen

      Wow Amanda, I couldn’t have said it all any better. Miss Maggie, I feel the same as Amanda. Thank you so much for your website, your heart and all your time and effort!

      Amanda, I left the workplace 8 months ago and am learning all of those things too. I have enjoyed every minute of it! We are planning to begin homeschooling in the fall. It was an answer to prayer to find Miss Maggie’s Old Fashioned Education and her blog! It excites me so much to hear of so many other moms taking on “more” and moving forward out of their comfort zones and further into God’s will! I am so thankful so many of us are hearing and responding to God!

      Miss Maggie, thank you so much! I thank God for you!

  2. ella jones

    Dear Miss Maggie,
    I recently refound this site ,as I was slightly unsure with your ‘old’ wesite. . not been same.I am homeschooling Mom of four living in U.K. I was glad to see you are still ,handing out message of how to be frugal. With everything happening we need as many more like you.
    Here in U.K I think we are on verge of recession..Gas is ten dollars gallon , electricity and gas have gone up 80 and 90% in last two years. Food prices have gone up about 15 % in last six months. We have called ‘credit crunch’ as banks will not lend to each other. Things look similar to early 1990’s. But jobs are not been lost yet.
    I am lucky my house is mine so is all my cars,no credit cards or loans. Well blessed, unlike so many. My Mom grew up in Canada during depression before returning to u.k before WWII. So between rationing , depression both my parents were Phd in how to stretch budget and food. so much knowledge has been lost in this instant world, .. I was taught to cook at home and in school alongside basic nutrition.
    Now we are hearing of malnutrition alongside record levels of children been obese. During late 1980’s I came across book on how to feed family for £4.00 a day .
    Even with all thing I knew could still learn many more ways to extend and feed family for less.This started love of frugal cookbooks . Odd thing to collect I know. But it is my special intrest .All are British with exception of articles from yourself and others on web.If you are intrested in anything let me know as it easy to convert british imperial to american measures. Please keep good work and God bless you and your family for your effort.

  3. dzitterbart

    Miss Maggie,

    Good Morning! I just wanted to take a moment to tell you what a blessing you are. My husband and I are Independent Fundamental Baptists, I wear only modest dresses every day, I am very convicted about headcoverings and have been praying about that part of my Christian walk. I found you first when you were running Hillbilly Housewife, what a blessing, we have used your emergency menu on more than one occasion. It is so encouraging to see other Christian women living modestly both in dress and financial matters. My daughter will be 2 Saturday and we are getting our homeschooling material in order, I figure if I start now then I won’t have so much to do when she actually “officially starts” school. Your new blog is great as well as Frugal Aundance. My only question is whether or not you will move some of your Hillbilly Housewife Recipes over to your new site or are you laying all of that aside? I know it takes a lot to run a website but Hillbilly Housewife is so eaten up with advertisements that it is very distracting, but that is very superficial, I know. I still frequent it quite a bit in spite of my disappointments.
    Thank you for being so eager to offer your words of wisdom and plethora of knowledge through your websites, it is a blessing to have solid information from a Christian lady.
    God Bless you and your family Miss Maggie!

  4. Hi Donna,

    I won’t be moving any of the recipes from there to here, I’m sorry. I hope to add new recipes and articles to this site over time. The new owner of HBHW owns the recipes there until January 2013. At that point she’ll still be able to use them, but they’ll also revert back to me.

    It’s so nice to meet another IFB who dresses modestly. We’re a small group, but we’re growing. 🙂

    • Kerri

      Maggie, this is wonderful news – that you will be able to post your old recipes again after next January! Woohoo!! I can NEVER find your old recipes on HBHW and I feel like crying every time I try to go look for one. I really do hope you re-post some on your new website (or all :). I just love the way you write them and I miss them terribly. I felt such comfort in knowing that, no matter how little food I had in my cupboard, I could always come to your website and find something wonderful and satisfying to make.

  5. I am an old convert from HBHW days who finally found this new site. Thank you so much for all the work you do. I love all the recipes and love to get inspiration from your life.

  6. My pleasure Shoshana, happy to oblige 🙂

  7. Please help me find a pattern number. I know it exists and is still in print.

    It’s the Simplicity fitting pattern. I have the McCall’s and the Butterick fitting patterns. Each pattern company makes all of their patterns from their individual slopers. The fitting pattern is in reality their sloper and when I alter it to fit me, then I can use that to make all patterns of that brand to fit without going to the trouble of individually altering each pattern. A great time saver and it always gives good results.

    And if anyone wants to have good results in sizing patterns to fit her, then look for an old, out of print book by Nancy Zieman called “The Busy Woman’s Fitting Book”. I would try Abes Books on the net. It is the simplest and the most easily understood method of fitting patterns I’ve ever found. I’ve been using it for about 16 yrs and I love it. So very much easier than slashing and spreading paper patterns.

    And, Maggie, it must be something in the air, because I’ve been going through my fabric stash this spring pulling out cotton to make summer pajamas. They are so comfortable. For years I’ve worn tricot gowns and they are so hot and sticky in the summer, so I decided that this summer I was going to be cool and comfy in cotton. So far I’ve made 3 pr. and I’ve not bought a single item. Just pulled out fabric, thread and patterns from my stash and have been so pleased with the results. And you know cotton, the more it’s washed, the softer and more comfy it becomes.

    And if you have a favorite pattern that you want to keep using, then use a warm dry iron and fuse interfacing to the back of the pattern. This will strenghten it for many, many more uses. (You might want to protect the ironing board cover with aluminum foil so you don’t fuse the interfacing to the cover). Just trim the interfacing from the pattern after it’s cool and you may be able to reuse the scraps of interfacing for small pattern pieces.

    Hope this helps someone.

    And please, if anyone knows the pattern number for the Simplicity fitting pattern, please let me know. I have a Simplicity’s Simply The Best Sewing Book and there’s a coupon to send in for a free Simplicity pattern but I don’t know the number and it’s required.



  8. Hi Other Daughter, I haven’t seen Simplicity’s Basic Fitting Pattern. I’ve used Butterick’s but I didn’t even know Simplicity makes one. I hate to seem redundant, but have you looked on E-Bay? That’s the only place I can think of. Sorry I couldn’t be more help, but delighted that you’re enjoying your sewing.

    🙂 Maggie

  9. I didn’t realize you were IFB. My mother’s family is a conglomeration of IFB and Old Regular Baptist. I took the heathen path and became Anglican 😉

    I couldn’t find a way to email you, Maggie, and so I was hoping if I could learn from you great advice before I’m a solo young lady on a very tight budget this fall. I mentioned in your most recent post that I am bipolar and a quality, disciplined diet is essential to my well being.

  10. JJ

    I was looking for an email for you, but couldn’t find one. Anyway, found this while looking at food sections this week and thought you might be interested since it’s about GF http://www.daily-chronicle.com/articles/2008/05/31/features/food/food01.txt

    I also know that Kim from the Washington Post blog A Might Appetite http://blog.washingtonpost.com/mighty-appetite/ has also written a bit about GF stuff and you should be able to search there and find some stuff too.


  11. Thanks JJ. I’ll check them out.

  12. I’m so excited that I have just found your site. I am starting my son on a GFCF diet because he has had ADHD symptoms since birth (starting with never sleeping…seriously EVER! A newborn!)
    Anyway we are a missionary family and always pinching pennies. I look forward to more of your homemaking wisdom.

  13. I never realized you were the old owner of HBHW. No wonder I like your writing. I was first convicted of modest dress by reading the Apron Evangelism post there. Thanks for the gentle push in the right direction.

    As far as links between diet and behavior, I’ve cut out most processed foods plus any kind of food additives (but I do need wheat gluten for our homemade wholewheat bread) and that has helped greatly. Today we ate out lunch (pizza) and tonight my son is bouncing off the walls. Luckily my sister in law is here to take him for a long walk.

  14. Shannon

    Dear Miss Maggie,

    I used to tune into ‘hillbilly housewife’ a lot, then about a year ago I moved and had another precious baby and have been too busy to check out your new site. I must say Dear Miss Maggie that you are AMAZING!! Thank you so much for this wonderful resource.

  15. Barb

    I found the blog after someone in an online homeschooling group posted the link to the Old Fashioned Education information. Wonderful information, and so well-researched & detailed! I’m still learning about the rest of the site.

    For help with health issues, I encourage you to check http://www.drmcdougall.com. A woman who lives 40 minutes from me is listed on the “Star McDougallers” portion of the site. I contacted her and struck up an email relationship. She is a Christian, and regained her health with help from Dr. McDougall. She encouraged me to email him for help. I did, and he answered me back. I’m currently following instructions and have seen improvement, although it has only been 1 week. Like this site, Dr. McDougall’s site has an incredible amount of information for free, including recipes. Thank you for your willingness to share the results of your efforts with others. May God bless you.

  16. amberpeace

    Maggie, I am never good at finding email addresses – I bet it’s on here somewhere.
    I think I remember you posting on making grocery lists and menues for the week and how to keep it low cost. I’m looking for it because i’m on my own for the first time (!) in graduate school and so now I’m responsible for keeping my own kitchen.

    Did that make any sense??

  17. Hi Amberpeace. You can email me at frugalabundance@cox.net. I’m not sure I have written anything recently on that topic, you might need to check the old HBHW site.

  18. Hi Maggie,

    I too have been using HBHW for a long time! Thank you so much!! I too am an IFB who dresses modestly! PRAISE GOD FOR THAT!!

    I am so thankful for this new site! We have to live a GF diet also. But I have found it impossible on my budget. Three of my children have Celiac’s Disease and I am Gluten Intollerant.

    I look forward to using your site OFTEN!!!

  19. Thank you so much for all you do In helping other mothers out! You have been a real blessing to me!!

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  21. Angela K. Marvin

    (I tried to send this to your email address listed above, but it got returned?)

    Hi Miss Maggie!

    I have been following your websites for several years now. Thanks for all that you do! Anyway, I’m writing because I believe that I also have PCOS and I can’t remember what websites you recommended. Also, didn’t you try a low-carb diet to help treat it? (I believe that some doctors do recommend this?) Do you find that the GFCF diet helps more? I’m not sure which way to turn! I have always lost weight and felt pretty well on low-carb diets, but if a GFCF diet works better for the PCOS, I may try that. (Although, I was a vegan last year for a while, so I was CF-free for several months, and I didn’t notice any health benefits from it at that time.)

    Anyway, I’d appreciate any help. Thanks in advance and God bless!

    Grace and peace,

  22. Victoria Goins

    How do I reach you? Your posted e-mail doesn’t work. Please e-mail me at bandvgoins@aol.com. Thank you.

  23. August

    Finally tracked you down – HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  24. pomegranatetea

    Hi Maggie, I found your blog via your old-fashioned education site. I am only 20 at the moment, but your thorough curriculum has encouraged me to homeschool my children when I have a family of my own! Thanks for the inspiration.


  25. Ma’am,

    We are a family of 4, also living in VA. I have recently been convicted about headcovering and homeschool. I saw on the Old Fashioned site a letter about a relgious exemption in VA. How does this work when the children have not been to public school yet? Our little boy will be 5 next school year. I’d appreciate any help with this. Thanks so much ♥

  26. Hi Maggie!

    I am trying to find someone who calls herself “Frugal Abundance” in Blogger. I hope it is you! If it is indeed you – you had a problem printing out my e-book and left me a comment telling me so. I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to improve my book – and to research the situation further with Lulu – my e-book publisher. I have fixed the problem – the book can now be printed. I had to give up the copyright inscription – but hopefully that will not hurt. However since you bought the book prior to my fix I wanted to e-mail you a Word or PDF file whichever you prefer.
    Looking around your site I found out you homeschool, which is fantastic. I homeschooled my son through his highschool years and he is now a film major at NYU with a full scholarship.
    Anyway – If you are THE frugal abundance please give me a shout – so I can get in touch with you.
    Have a wonderful day!

  27. Emily

    Hello! I am making your whole whet biscuit mix and wondered how to store it and how long it will keep. Please advise! Thanks!

  28. Amanda

    Thank you so much for this site. I can’t express how grateful I am for the information here. My husband is in the Army and we have four little boys I homeschool. I (try to) sell cloth diapers, but all of my energy is focused on my family and our health needs. My oldest has behavioral/emotional issues and the doctors and my “friends” haven’t been any help; I feel like I’m beating my head against a wall in search of answers. When he’s having a good day, it’s like Dr. Jekyl & Mr. Hyde- he becomes affectionate and silly and happy. My second son has severe food allergies to peanuts, tree nuts, peas, and eggs; he’s also our resident clown/performer. LB #3 is my walking accident- hardly a week goes by when he isn’t injuring himself one way or another and we have to go back to the ER for stitches, glue, xrays, etc. Yes, he is definetly a handful, but he’s such a loving little boy- his smile makes me melt. LB #4 is such a beautiful little boy with curly blonde hair and huge blue eyes who is always joyful and affectionate. He also suffers from food allergies- soy, gluten, and dairy. Due to his young age, we haven’t pursued further allergy testing; instead, we have him on a “hypoallergenic” diet of Neocate and fresh fruit/veggies. My husband is an amazing person, but his job is demanding and we’re lucky to have him home for two weekends every month. He’s normally home at night, but by the time he gets here, it’s nearly bed time for the kids. That’s hard on all of us. As for myself, I’m utterly lost and overwhelmed. I have RA and diabetes, and some days, it’s all I can do to get off the sofa to do school work with them. The pain of the RA and the depression accompanying my loss of physical abilities is really taking a toll. I used to do Once A Month Cooking, but with the kiddo’s food allergies and my diabetes being so wacky lately, I’m having a hard time coming up with meals that are safe for everyone that can be made following OAMC guidelines. Your site has offered me hope as well as some of the spiritual guidance I need. Thank you for that.

  29. Maggie,

    I wanted to get in contact with you! I have been using Glad flour to make all sorts of things! I would love to give you the recipes so you can post them if you want. I am prayerfully going to be making a loaf of Oatmeal bread with it tonight. We LOVE it!!! Please get back to me when you can.

    Thanks Maggie!!

  30. I just found your website http://oldfashionededucation.com and I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to put up all that great information!
    My son is not yet 4 so we still have a while before we start school but I wanted to have plenty of time to research. I will be spending plenty of time on your site reading.

  31. Hi Miss Maggie! I think of you often even when you haven’t updated for awhile–probably as often as I open my recipe binder! But I’m so upset–well, just a little. I lost my printout of one of your recipes–the taco seasoning with chili powder, onion powder, cornstarch and so on–that I used to make a lot, and it doesn’t seem to be on the new HH site. Any way you could reprint that one here? I would so very much appreciate it instead of having to just throw the seasonings in the pan. Thanks as always!

  32. Laura

    I tried to send an email but it was returned. I want to link to your website http://www.oldfashionededucation.com/ Do you have a logo you would like me to use or can I just use the one at the top/left? Thank you.

  33. Hi !

    I was given the link to your site from a friend. I am a 32 year old mother of 4 wonderful children. My oldest is autistic, and two more of my children have different diagnosis, I live in Norway.

    Your site, and blog is really inspiriang, and instructional , I have placed to link to it on my own online journal http://www.a-mothers-journal.com

    I completely understand the challenge of putting food on the table, and making it nutricious and delicious at the same time, as we have also had some difficult times financially. Both my husband and I come from misionary families, and are fundamental Christians.

    I will take the time to read your older posts…..

    with care, a mother in Europe

  34. First of all, I want to thank you so much for putting your Old Fashioned Education website together and for freely sharing it.  I will be suggesting your website in the summer publication of our state homeschooling newsletter.   What a blessing you are to others!

    My question/ request is regarding the schedules.  I want to start using the 3rd grade schedule with my 10, 8, and 6 year olds ( always home schooled).  It is currently in a PDF format.  I would like to be able to edit the chart – put the date in the first column for the week we are doing that week, mark “done” or a checkmark on the individual subjects when we are done with that, write comments, etc.  I don’t see how I can make changes in that chart, for my use.  If you are willing, do you have a version of the chart that I could open using open office so that I can edit the chart?  I tried copy/paste but that didn’t work.  Do you have any other ideas?  Or maybe you don’t really want people to make changes/ edit the chart?

    Either way, I sure do appreciate you doing all the work to put your website together.  May the Lord bless you!

    Daughter of the King, Wife of 22 years to Brad, and home schooling Mother of eight blessings.

  35. Emily Patterson

    I was wondering if you had any advertising or guest post opportunities available on your site? I would love the opportunity to work with you and I look forward to hearing back from you.

    Emily Patterson
    Communications Coordinator
    Primrose Schools

  36. Jacee

    Ms. Maggie the website for OLD FASHIONED EDUCATION is not working. Did you close it? Hope all is well! Jacee.

  37. I just wanted to let you know how much I LOVE oldfashionededucation.com–it has been an amazing experience and we have only just started! You were the first to teach me about public domain books and I am just having a fantastic time with my laser duplex printer and went to walmart and bought all the folders (prices have gone up! cheapy paper ones are .15 and nicer plastic are .50 😦 Well anyway–wanted to encourage you–please don’t ever let that site go down!–I can’t say enough about it and I tell everyone! Thank you for all the HARD work I can tell you put so much time into it! It’s amazing!

  38. Maggie

    My pleasure Pauline. I’m glad it’s a help to you. 🙂

  39. Ben Vazquez or Odalis Sharp

    Hi my name is Ben and I am interested in your old fashion education matarial (for home schooling) Please contact Odalis Sharp at 785-409-3487

  40. hi maggie! i was led to this site from old fashioned homeschool and when i came to read this page i was blown away. i LOVE hbhw and i remember when the person who ran it (you!) stepped away and someone else took over. i don’t really go there anymore, but i have the printable menu plan bookmarked and use it every week! i have for longer than i can remember. two more things that caught my attention were 1: i have a daughter named maggie 🙂 and 2: i also have pcos. i will be returning to this blog often! thanks for everything 🙂

  41. Thanks Jeanine, I’ve heard from lots of former fans who have stopped visiting the old website. Sometimes things change in ways we don’t expect. I know just which menu planner you mean. I’m so happy it’s still useful for you. It’s much easier for me to plan menus when I have a chart to fill out. Some people prefer to make lists on a sheet of notebook paper, but a chart makes me feel all thrifty and virtuous and organized too! Give your Maggie a sweet hug from me, we Maggie’s must stick together 🙂

  42. Dominic

    Would it be possible to advertise on your site at all?
    I would like to place some unique, high quality content or perhaps a finance widget? Would either of these be possible at all?

    Kind Regards
    Site: frugalabundance.wordpress.com

  43. celina

    just wanted you to know you are missed…i LOVED the old hillbilly housewife..it really “led” me into being a more frugal and BETTER cook. I miss it terribly…and i’m glad i printed off so many things back then..

    Hope all is well

  44. mamacantrix

    I am so glad to have found you again! I first read HBHW several years ago when I was beginning to follow the Holy Spirit’s leading about covering my head. My husband and I were going to begin homeschooling our boys next school year, but circumstances have brought us to the decision to pull them out at the end of the current grading period. I was looking for curriculum options that I could begin at this point in the year and not need to purchase for their current grades and then again for next school year. I am immensely grateful for the resources at OFE, and was surprised and delighted to find Frugal Abundance with YOU at the helm of both! Thank you so much for this…you are a blessing!

  45. scarlet newsome

    i am intrested in enrolling information for my 6th grade daughter please send me information asap. thank you ms newsome

  46. Hi there.
    I stumbled upon your website OFE and I thought my prayers had been answered!! 🙂 2 days later when I tried to get back on the site, it won’t let me. PLEASE tell me you haven’t taken it down!
    Esther Anderson homeschool mom of 7

  47. Ugh, please let me know what happened to your website. It is one of my favorite!

  48. I’m another one hunting for your website OFE. I often recommend it to new homeschoolers or to teenagers wanting to teach themselves at home. I’m helping out a 13yr old girl right now who wants her grandma to homeschool her but they are low on money. I directed her to your site & sad to find it gone.

  49. If you would like to take a great deal from this piece of writing then you have to apply such strategies to your won web site.

  50. Hmm it looks like your blog ate my first
    comment (it was super long) so I guess I’ll just sum it up what I submitted and say, I’m thoroughly enjoying your blog.
    I as well am an aspiring blog writer but I’m still new to everything. Do you have any points for rookie blog writers? I’d really appreciate

  51. Joy

    Maggie, I’ve tried to email you at the frugalabundance@cox.net email posted as the contact, but it bounced back. I imagine that it, like this blog and site, are essentially abandoned. (This is just a statement of fact – not an attempt at a guilt trip!) I want to thank you deeply for your work both at the original Hillbilly Housewife and at Frugal Abundance. Frequently since 2008, I have often been encouraged and blessed by the thoughtful, cheerful advice you’ve provided there. I have many pages of the original Hillbilly Housewife printed out in page protectors. How often I have mentally thanked you for them! The Lord has repeatedly reaffirmed a positive sense of servanthood in me, especially to my husband, through your words and example.

  52. Maggie, I am here to tell you thank you for all your time and dedication in building old fashioned education. You have provided a powerful resource that continually benefits my family. I wish you well.

  53. Stephanie N.

    Truly enjoyed this. I’m still going through your information. Thank you for sharing. Would love to contact you for advice.

  54. I’m enjoying your site, as well. How does one get in touch with you?

  55. Amy Williams

    I have found your site. I completely understand about being disabled. I am in the same boat now and I’m the teacher in the house! Is your contact information http://www.frugalabundance.com/contact/?

  56. Mel

    Hi 🙂 I have just found your web site An Old Fashioned Education and I am very impressed with your idea and all your hard work. Thank you for this.

  57. Edwina

    I tried to send you a message to the email address attached to An Old Fashioned Education, but got a message back that the address wasn’t any good. I have accessed your homeschooling site a lot, when I needed something to teach a topic to our autistic son. I came across your list of Our Little Cousin Series, where you asked people to contact you if we knew where to find some of the books to download for free. I thought it would be great and “give back” to a website I had gotten so much help from. I don’t even know if you keep the site up to date or have let it go, to deal with this blog now or not, but I hope you do keep it up because it’s JUST so helpful. Anyway, I wanted to share a favorite website of mine, http://www.gutenberg.org where you can download books whose copyright has expired and the beauty of the site is that you can download just about all the books in either kindle or EPBU format and some even in audiobook format! I hope this will help not only you, but some of your viewers too.

  58. I’m just starting and my son is going in 7th grade. First he has some needs with some things simply genius in others. Public school simply don’t understand it even try too he’s my baby and they don’t care is he’s learning?? Anyway I love what I’m ready on here had questions? If we homeschoo him will a college ever let him attend that’s a biggie? And advice since I’m new to this and I feel lost.
    Shawnna Mcclanahan
    Thanks look forward to your reply

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  60. MAVA

    I was wondering if you could possibly finish up the twelfth year curriculum at oldfashionededucation.com/fullcurriculum.htm

    There didn’t seem to be a ay to reach you any other way…

  61. Karen Fronick

    How can I get my hands on your 6th and 7th grade curriculum s

  62. margaret

    I need 4th grade Curriculum now. to start next week. we have no funding for a little boy that I will be home schooling . There are no funds available for him.. help me immediately please 8 / 26 / 17/

    • anna

      check out easy peasy all in one homeschool. that is what I use. I use no money for my sons education. All from free resources.

  63. Hi Maggie,

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    Please let me know if this is something you’d be interested in and I’ll show you how to get started. Please kindly write to me at helen@anagraminteractive.com

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  65. Miss Maggie, can you contact me.

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