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Leaving HBHW, The Rest of the Story . . .

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So, what happened that made me want to leave HBHW and start something new?

It’s not that complicated really, I wasn’t feeling like the HBHW anymore. I was overwhelmed with the number of emails I received. I felt unable to keep up with daily maintenance. It was a combination of a lot of things. When Suzanne came to me and was willing to take it on, I felt like the Lord was in it. After a lot of prayer, it seemed even more like His will, so I simply said “Yes Sir.” I think Suzanne is taking HBHW where the Lord wants it to be. She’s more responsive to the readers. She’s able to maintain things better and she is the right woman to take on the job.

Mel from PH offered me a bit of insight on the issue. She said that after my house was remodeled, I didn’t live in a small shack anymore. It’s more like a modern lodge now. Small as lodges go, but with the same vacationy-living in the woods feeling. It’s hard to be the Hillbilly Housewife with improved standards of living. There is less of an authenticity to it for me.

I still live a frugal, mostly simple, lifestyle though. I’m still Maggie and still write things that are fun to share. I’m not ready to be an invisible anonymous entity on the web. I was just ready for a fresh start.

I like the name Frugal Abundance. I’ve had it on my mind for a couple of years and I feel it better suits this stage of my life. To me the new name implies how much fuller my life is when I keep things simple. Money is all well and good, but frugality is a sport and I hope to one day become an expert player. Plus I feel that the Lord has provided me with an enormous abundance in my life. I’m overflowing with contentment, creative spark, imagination, good friends, interesting projects, loving family, peace of mind, furry kitties, a good marriage, fussy children, and so many other things.

My material needs are met with extra luxuries too. I love my running water, both hot and cold. My stove, refrigerator, and freezer work perfectly day in an day out. Well, the refrigerator will have to be replaced in the next couple of years, maybe in 2008, depending on how long it holds out, but it still keeps the milk cold and still freezes ice. These are all luxuries that even King Solomon, for all his riches, would never have had. Even my broom and vacuum cleaner are luxuries. A dirt floor doesn’t require either. My floors need both though, and that’s my definition of abundance.

One last thing is that I don’t eat very much meat anymore. Not completely vegetarian, but close. A Pescatarian is a vegetarian who also eats fish and/or seafood. I’m mostly pescatarian these days.

I thought in my heart about what was the most authentic way to live. God gave Noah permission to eat meat after the Flood. Before that many scholars believe people (and animals) were all vegetarian. So I know that according to the bible I can eat meat as I please.

One of my goals in life is to live as authentically as I can. I’m not able to articulate exactly what this means to me, but part of it is aligning my actions and behavior with my morals and beliefs. So I have considered which animals I would theoretically be willing to kill for food if that option were open to me. I figure that if I’m willing to kill the animal myself then eating the meat from that animal is a reasonably moralistic thing for me to do. If I’m not willing to kill an animal, then eating it’s meat is like “cheating” somehow. Paying someone else to do my dirty work is a cop-out. Especially when I’m not willing to ever do the job myself.  The behavior and beliefs just don’t add up together.

 So I wondered to myself which animals I was willing to kill myself and then eat at the dinner table. Cows? I’m willing to milk them, willing to do the work to make cheese, butter and other dairy products. But willing to kill them . . . Nope. I’m not willing to do that. I lived on a dairy farm as a teenager and fed the baby calves. I liked cows and honestly I don’t have it in me to kill them. So what about pigs, sheep, turkeys, chickens, rabbits, squirrels, deer? Nope, not willing to kill them. Well, maybe a chicken every now and then. My great-grandpa and even my Granny both killed chickens as a matter of normal life. I’ve watched my great-grandpa do it and it’s not pretty, but under certain circumstances I might be willing to do it. We have many wild turkey’s in our area. I watch them in our yard, on the driveway, in the neighbor’s yard and the woods. I’m not willing to kill them. They deserve to live, not die and fill my freezer.

Fish and seafood on the other hand . . . Gimme a hook, a knife and a cook pot and I’m ready to get cookin’! I’m willing to kill, gut, scale, boil alive, and in general make a feast of fish and seafood. So in my effort to live authentically, fish and seafood are fine to eat, since I am quite willing to kill them myself. Chicken might be okay every now and then, but not on a regular  basis.

Thus pescatarian is where I find myself. I’m still thinking over these things, still subject to change my mind of course. Still feeling sort of new about this idea.

HBHW did not represent this belief structure, but Frugal Abundance can.

And that’s the “Rest of the Story.”


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Starting Fresh

Will be able to blog more very soon, just making sure this thing works and getting everything up and running. Hope everyone enjoys the new website. I’m enjoying building it and making a fresh start on my internet projects.

Many thanks to everyone for their loyatly, for the kind welcome everyone has given Susanne, and for the willingness to follow me to a new beginning.


🙂 Maggie


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