Short Update

1. We have much snow. More than any year I can remember in my lifetime.

2. Fred has 3 herniated discs in his back. He has been at the hospital since Tuesday evening. He will come home today. I have missed him and will happy to get him home. He won’t be able to go back to work for a while so we’re getting all the disability and workman’s comp stuff figured out so we can still make ends meet.

3. The boys are at my folk’s house and are happy to be out of the house. I am doing all the snow shoveling myself and remembering when I was a teenager and had to do it all the time when I lived in Minnesota. I kind of like to shovel snow.

4. I have a new granddaughter named Kia (rhymes with PIE-uh). She is now almost 9 months old and I have been watching her during the day which is a wonderful thing for me to do and makes me very happy. Fred and I have decided that grandchildren make us feel successful and wealthy;  like we’ve done well in the world. Kia has curly red hair and she is beautiful.  Her mom, Carla, lives not too far away and works as a private nurse so I get Kia every week day and we have the most fun playing with girl toys and singing silly girl songs and terrorizing her teenage uncles. It’s a good life.

5. I have been sewing. A new light blue jumper for me and a new light brown jumper for Kia. It’s a little big for her, but she is growing like a weed. I will make some more for Kia too. I find it very fulfilling to make jumpers for her and she looks so pretty in them. I will share pictures soon. I have lots of pictures to share and hope to do so eventually. My intentions are always good but my work ethic is slow.

6. I still intend to blog on headcovering eventually. It’s just a matter of the discipline to do it.



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5 responses to “Short Update

  1. Oh no! Poor Fred! I miss ya and that is one tiny complaint against the snow: no chat-time. Give a hug to Kia for me. 🙂

  2. Thanks Anna. I will. Miss you too.

  3. EB in MO

    We’re having forecasts of snow for overnight and tomorrow for anywhere from 2″ to 8″, depending on which weatherman we listen to.

    Back in the early fall, I was in to my hairdresser and we were talking about what kind of winter we might have this year. She remarked, “Forget the woolley worms and the color of their coats (supposedly the darker the color of the woolley worms, the worse the winter in terms of snow, ice, cold temps, etc.) because I usually can tell what kind of winter season we’re going to have by my clients’ hair. Growing fast, and growing thicker than usual for each individual, means we’re in for a really cold, stormy, long winter. And from that, I think we’re iI’mn for a humdinger of a winter.”

    So far, the young woman has been right on target. Extremely cold temps for protracted periods of time, record breaking low temps, and ferocious wind chill temps, with more snowfall more frequently than we’ve had in a long time.

    Since I’m retired now, it doesn’t fret me the way it used to when I drove to work. Just so long as we don’t have an ice storm and the power goes out the way it did in January 2007. We were without power for 8 days. Many for much longer.

    When it’s snowing like crazy, it’s great to fix a cup of cocoa or tea and curl up in front of the pellet stove and read a book. Or, if I’m more ambitious, then sew. Doesn’t get any better than that in the winter time.

    Bye for now.

  4. Thanks for sharing that EB. That was interesting about the barber’s experience with hair. I like to spend the winter reading and sewing too. Makes me feel blessed, like all is right in the world.

    • Tracy

      I enjoyed reading your site
      I have a teenager son with mild aspergers
      He also doesn’t like dairy But i learned
      many years ago not to try to fix his issues
      He spent a few years away from us in special school and living with relatives
      It was a hard call to make and live with only seeing him on weekends He’s home with us
      He is now in a normal trade high school with some tutoring aid and just received two honor awards for high grades in math and science
      and also an award in his trade class
      He does very well at school now
      and i learn that letting him grow up
      and keeping structure and love in our home
      that he excells because he wants to
      and when he returns home each day he likes the
      house to not be noisy so he can unwind from his busy day at school

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