Frugal Fat Loss

I’ve uploaded and updated my Exchange Plan Diet and the 15 Challenges of Successful Christian Weight Loss. Along with many other goodies, they can both be found on the new page

Frugal Fat Loss.

You’ll also see PDF files of all the informtion and some new menu planner helps for planning a healthy diet. There are dietary exchange lists, similar to the ones used by Diabetics, food plans including a variety of calorie, protien and carbohydrate combinations and bonus plans for petite frame women and those who are metabolically challenged.

As always, this information is provided for free with Christian love and kindness. Enjoy!



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9 responses to “Frugal Fat Loss

  1. Miss Maggie…You. Are. INCREDIBLE!!! I have been looking for something like this that will allow me to switch everything out, etc. I tried out some spark website but I don’t like being required to be online for it. It’s also very difficult to find the items that I prepare on there–not very many homemade things! 🙂 I printed a copy for me and one for DH to peruse when he wishes.

    You have provided so many things to help our family be more healthful at a lower cost….We love you!!!

  2. Maggie

    Aww thanks Abbey :-). Like with everything else in my life, if something’s not affordable, then it doesn’t fit into my lifestyle. Weight-loss is just one of many things that has to adapt to my budget. I printed it out for my folks last night and my Dad just raved about it. Made me feel like a million bucks!

  3. Anonymous

    Hello Mrs. Maggie..Your website has changed my life! For that I thank you!! Your testimony about submission was gripping. It changed my marriage.. I just wanted to tell you that.

    Also, I would love an opportunity to chat with you about doing a speaking engagement at the SETHSA. I am not on the board or anything of that nature. Just love the ladies that are and love that organization. I am not sure where you live and if Houston TX would be to far for you drive or even if you would do a speaking engagement….But your obedience to the the Lord has had such and impact on my life, I would love to see if there would be a chance that you would come and be a speaker for SETHSA. Of course I would not be involved in any of the details, but I would love to chat with you about it.

    Thank you so much for all you do for so many people.


  4. Maggie

    Hi Jessica, sorry it’s taken me a couple of days to get to this message. I’ll read this and zip you an email some time today (the 5th) or tomorrow (the 6th). I’m so glad you enjoyed the testimony about submission. *grin* I’ll have to get it published again on the redesigned site.

  5. Stephanie

    I’m so glad to see you posting about this again. It is just what I need. Thank you for being so generous with your time and knowledge.

  6. Maggie

    My pleasure Stephanie. I know this one works, because it’s the one I follow. I’m always happy to share.

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  9. Hi Miss Maggie-
    This site is a blessing. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the GF flour mix and muffin recipes.
    So have you lost much weight on the exchange diet- if I may ask? I feel like I’m gaining with the gluten free eating lately. Which calories plan do you use? I always like to hear personal stories. Thanks.

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