Making ends meet . . . on Ebay

I never thought I would sell on ebay, but that’s exactly what I’m doing. You can see my listings HERE. They are all for Topper Dawn dolls, and specifically her guy friends. These are dolls from the early 70’s so they may not be especially popular now, but they are fun to sew for.

Eventually I will sell some stuff for more modern dolls but I have to do this first and see how the process works. It’s nerve wracking, but then I remember God’s in charge, so the rest doesn’t really matter so much. the sweet security we find in Him, absolutely priceless.

On a similar topic Anna over at Veiled Glory has opened up her own etsy shop selling her homemade snoods. They are really pretty snoods and very easy to wear. She wears them all the time and they always look nice.

She’s having a free snood giveaway and the deadline is Monday, so get over there and sign up!



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3 responses to “Making ends meet . . . on Ebay

  1. mel

    those clothes are just too cute maggie!
    hugs sis

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