I have tried . . . but

I have tried to blog, but I find I don’t have much to say. I wish I did. Maybe if I keep at it I will find more to write about.

So it seems my intentions were bigger than my motivation once again. Ugh! My mortality fills me with angst.

Here’s the best I can do today:
I stopped watching the news again, about a year ago. It never proves profitable to my spirit. More often than not it fills me with things I would rather not know. About 2 years ago, I stopped watching most  (not all, but most)  TV altogether. Fred bought these cool headphones that wire up to the TV and then he can watch it with the headphones on and mute the actual TV proper. That way I don’t have to listen to it at all, I just get my peaceful silence.

In return I have been using an e-book reader with a backlight. This allows us to keep the bedroom dark for Fred (he can’t stand the light on when he’s trying to sleep), while still allowing me the necessity of reading myself to sleep at night.

I can’t even explain how much these two pieces of technology have eased our relationship. We’ve been doing it this way for over 2 years now and I can honestly say, I don’t know how we lived without them. Funny how small things can be so annoying, such as the noise from a TV and the light from a lamp. We’ve worked it out though, and as long it works, I won’t look a gift horse in the mouth.

ON the website update front, I’m getting closer, but am not finished yet. Also, I’d like to blog some more about headcovering, but I’m still working out what I want to say.

Greetings to cousin Chris from all the VA family. Everyone just talks about you all the time and how proud they are of you for being so brave and facing your dragons with faith and strength. Hugs & Love—M



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5 responses to “I have tried . . . but

  1. CharlieAnn

    Nice to hear that I am not the only one who doesn’t like to hear the TV all the time. With my husband and I, I put on a head set and listen to music and read. Reading is my favorite pass time.
    Hope to hear about head covering, as I am just starting to wear them.
    Take care and God Bless.

  2. Actually, my husband wouldn’t let me watch the news at all during my pregnancy. I just kept bursting into tears = ). I haven’t watched it much in the last six years, and I’m not worse for the wear.

  3. Its great -how practically Fred and her spouse -have put to practice one of Isaac Asimov ‘s numerous but nice writings.I have in mind MIND OVER MATTERAfter all man creates the robot .It ‘ll be maddenning if the robot harmfully controls its creator.Now i actually have i focus the earthly massively time invasive
    TV – aka the telly.It’s just good if it’s used as tool as mass media per excellence in those less tech days.No longer the master entertainer or visually welcome educator.However it also depends on the user -wisdom -how witty to modify any paradoxically useful modern appliance to your inner pemission and overall healthy living.This must entail consideration for others -especially the imediate significant person or persons in your life .The n the kids can’t be corrupted or over pampered with harmful additives or obese -prone kitchen.
    I love the bold decision of Fred’s friend -the writer of this frugal abundance blog.More info.The world will be ecologically healthier and neater and possibly globally peaceful if we can edit ingrous encroachments in our lifestyle.
    Th same goes for consumesism and too fat a wallet for enormous spending beyond ordinary.Afew are wise however ,they re engaged in humanitarian practice rather than solo consumption of their opulence.Yet they r not poor till eternity.

  4. Christina Heald

    Hey Mags, please let everyone know how much I love them. I was just thinking yesterday that it has almost been one year since I made that perilous winter journey out there. One year ago, I didn’t know what lurked within. It would just be a few weeks after arriving home that my world would be forever changed. The only thing I still regret from that trip is not seeing you. Let everyone know I just love them so! Sometimes I wish I could go back a year. I find myself doing that a lot. It’s non-productive, I know, but i still find myself doing it on occasion.

    I’ve looked at those e-readers. Their pricey and i wonder what kind you have. We do a lot of traveling out to the other edge of the state to see my daughter and the drive home is always boring and dark. I’ve bought an LED light thangs hangs around my neck so I can read in the dark, but with my eyes I find myself constantly needing to adjust the angle ot the book to be able to read. Frustrating!

  5. Hey SheRa, I think a lot of those ebook readers are pricey, but the one I use (click on the underlined words in the post for the link) is under $100, which granted isn’t cheap, but I’d rather read than watch TV, so Fred’s pretty cooperative about paying for it. Plus I read in the car when we travel, like you mentioned, and when I have to wait on the kids to finish some function that requires me to pick them up, while waiting in the parking lot for 30 minutes first.

    Ugh. Tom’s not ready for his driver’s liscense yet. He’s nearly 17, but emotionally he’s more like 13 or 14, so he’s planning on waiting until he’s 19 before he starts the process to learn to drive. I don’t blame him. I was slow to learn too, as was our aunt R. She was 27 or something I think. So really 19 is early to learn for our family and I won’t worry over it. Actually I’m grateful he’s not ready yet. One less thing to worry about. 🙂

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