Cool Weather

Hey yall, good to see everyone again. I’ve been working on some updates and I’m about ready to just update everything and then let the readers point out any thing I’ve missed or messed up. Let me know what yall think of that idea. The updates aren’t enormous, but they are a little more tidy recipe format, and hopefully some of the new recipes we’ve been using.

We are still Gluten and Casein free and hopefully will be for the rest of forever. My kids are still on the autism spectrum, one with Asperger’s and one with ADHD, but they both respond well to dietary therapy and I wonder now if I have celiac sprue, or maybe some other form of wheat or gluten intolerance because I feel better than I ever have since setting gluten and wheat by the wayside. It’s hard, yes, but wow are the results life-changing.

I’m working on some doll stuff. I collect and sew for dolls and I’ve not shared much of that over the internet, but I hope to share more as I’m inspired. I’ll probably get up a subdomain to Frugal Abundance and focus my doll stuff on it. I love to sew and making doll clothes is easy for me, so I’m hoping to put a few doll thing up for sale on the Doll subdomain. If I had daughters who played with dolls I wouldn’t enjoy dolls as much as I do. In my house though, it’s all boys, all the time. Sewing for dolls helps me increase the estrogen level in the atmosphere, even if it’s only vinyl estrogen, every little bit counts.

I’ve been visiting with Anna from Veiled Glory on a weekly basis. We have coffee while my boys are at Karate. I cannot describe the encouragement it is to share an entire hour every week with another christian, headcovering lady who shares the same values and the same desire to serve the Lord while living deliberately. I thank God over and over again for his generosity and grace.  I’m much better able to focus on my goals and zero in on the things I want to do, instead of getting lost in all of my options and not being able to see any specific tree because the whole forest has me overwhelmed.

All is well on the home front. Boys are doing better. Fred’s diabetes in under good control, my PCOS has improved, although I still hope to work towards improving it more. My Granny is healthier than she’s been in years and at last check my cousin is doing very well. The Lord blesses us so abundantly.

Hugs and affection all around. I hope to be blogging regularly, perhaps once or twice a week.



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26 responses to “Cool Weather

  1. Tracy

    so glad to see you back! Looking forward to hearing more.

  2. Good to hear everything is okay, and that our Lord is blessing you in so many ways! It did try and email you some encouragement, but the email bounced back. Perhaps you’ve switched it off because of busyness?
    I also am venturing into dolls, though the making of them rathrcthan the clothes. I fell in love with Amish dolls when I visited PA. I am looking forward to starting a Waldorf Steiner doll.

  3. Thanks Tracy 🙂 Good to be back.

    Hi Clare. Yeah, the email address you have probably doesn’t work. I’ll share a new one soon. I’m not very familiar with Waldorf Dolls. I made Edith Flack Ackley dolls when Fred and I were first married. They are made of felt which I found very satifying to work with. I’ve made other dolls too, but the EFA’s were my favorite. Thanks for the encouragment. 🙂

  4. Sally J

    Welcome back. I have followed your blog for awhile but never posted to it. Your story and walk with our dear Lord is an inspiration to me. Your blog has been a safehaven for me in a sometimes hectic world. I get encouragement from you and your readers knowing there are many of us loving our simple lives.

  5. Hugs, dearie. Welcome back to blogging!

  6. Roxanna Meiske

    I have one grand daughter who is just about to turn 11. She loves her dolls. I gave her an American Girl doll for Christmas last year. I love to sew for her doll. I admit I have not been sewing as much as I used to. Should really get back into the sewing room…and away from this computer.
    On another note, it is good to see you back. Sure hope all is going well for you and the family. I miss you when you are gone..I wonder if you and the family are well. Sending you blessings. Roxie

  7. Good to have you back. I’ve been reading Anna’s blog and getting tidbits of you there. I’m glad you are both doing well together. It’s important and a blessing to have a sister in the Lord so close.

  8. Linda

    Welcome back! I look forward to your blogs, updates and hearing you share your inspirations with us. I’ve always loved dolls myself ever since I was a little girl 🙂 Blessings and good health to you and you family.
    (HUGS) Linda

  9. Robyn

    I would love to buy some dolls/doll clothes for my girls. I would love to sew them myself, but there’s always something else to do instead. I’ll be your first customer if you start selling stuff. 🙂

  10. Good to hear from you again Maggie! I see a couple of my other internet friends have beat me to welcoming you back : )

    Even though we don’t get to sit down and talk in person, it’s nice to know there are lots of kindred spirits sprinkled all over the web, isn’t it?

  11. Thanks Sally J. I have other blogs I watch for the same reason. We all need a little inspiration now and then. I’m grateful you can find that here.

  12. Hey Roxie, good to see you too. One of the coolest thing about sewing is that I always feel virtuous when I’m doing it.

    Anna, thanks 🙂 Happy to be back.

    akhomeschoolfun, Amen!

    Linda, dolls are a wonderful thing, the creativity, the imagination, they just tickle my fancy.

    Robyn, You honor me sweetie :-). What size are your dolls, or at least the ones you want to clothe? I’ll see what I can come up with.

    Meredith, Hey lady! Good to see you too. I hear from folks all the time about what a blessing your site is. It is indeed a pleasure to find kindred spirits.

  13. kathleen

    YAY!! So very happy to see you back…all is calm and bright in my little world again. Have a blessed day…

  14. Leta

    Good to have you back, Miss Maggie. What a pleasure to read about how well your family is doing.

    Good friends are also a great blessing.

    I’ve been SLOOOWLY teaching myself to sew. I just cannot get my sewing machine to do a thing for me- I spend so much time fighting it, it’s faster to just hand sew. Any tips for learning how to use that dratted machine? Or, you could just come visit and show me! 🙂

  15. Roxanna Meiske

    Miss Leta, I am not Miss Maggie but I do have a small piece of advice for you. I was a home ec. major in college. I have been sewing since I was 9. I can tell you from years of experience that if you are working with a machine that is not in good working condition you are spinning your wheels. You will get so frustrated “It is faster just to hand sew” that you will quit trying. Please take your machine into a repair place. Joanne Fabric usually has a repair person there. Look for any store that sells machines; there is always a repair person there. Yes, they will try to sell you a new machine but you can say no. My machine is 15 years old. Still going strong.
    Sewing is a great skill to have, please do not give up. Roxie Meiske

  16. Hey Leta, good to see you. I think Roxie’s advice is the best I can think of. If you are sure your sewing machine is in good working condition then look in the children’s section of the library for book to teach young girls to sew. There are some really excellent ones available these days. Check out all of them and read them from cover to cover and then try again, using some of the simple projects in the books.

    Start small and simple. Do not start with a homemade dress or even curtains. Start with a place mat, or a pot holder. Or a small pillow. Something just as basic as you can get. After you get some practice under your belt, then you can advance to other projects.

    But first, like Roxie said, make sure your machine is in good working condition. Then learn how to thread it. Then learn how to wind the bobbin. Then practice sewing plain straight lines on scrap fabric. If you don’t have an owner’s manual to consult then see if there are any that can be downloaded online.

    I had the same sewing machine for 22 years. I just recently gave it to my mother and purchased a new one, a Brother, from Walmart. I’m erally enjoying the new one because it does buttonholes so easily. The old one though, is still going strong. Of course it’s been to the repair shop 3 or 4 times over the years. but it’s worth it to keep it in good working condition.

    Good luck. I’ll pray for your success.

  17. Roxanna Meiske

    One of the things I did (my grandmother showed me when I was just starting) Take the thread out of the machine and use a piece of note book paper and sew the straight lines. I know it can be a bore, but it really works to get the straight line sewing down. Then again on paper, draw some curves and sew those lines as well. When you can keep the stitching on the lines go on to some napkins and place mats. When you get those down, before you move on to a dress or something with a sleave try an A line skirt. Just a couple of seames, a casing for elastic, and a hem. Remember practice and patience. No one started as a pro. Everyone had to learn.
    Check your library to see if there are any DVDs with Nancy Zieman. She is on PBS and is a great teacher. She has many many books on the market too. Good luck. To me sewing is a good thing to ‘bring me down’ when the stress of the day has me all balled up in stress. I can go into the sewing room and lose myself for a few hours.
    Good luck to you. Roxie

  18. Roxanna Meiske

    Miss Maggie I do not mean to step on your toes. This is your blog. I just want to help this lady not to give up. I wish I was close enough to her to help her in person. I love teaching people to sew.
    I started sewing at 9 making clothes for my doll. Then I started doing my own clothes at 11. Now I love to sew for grand children, quilt, and mend the clothes I already own.

  19. In school we used to sew paper without thread at first too. It really helped not to have the thread. Just get the feel for the machine. Rather boring, but we weren’t allowed to progress to the next project until we could stay on the lines. Then we progressed to scraps of cloth. Next made a fancy pillow and stuffed animal.

  20. So glad you are feeling better gluten free. I am amazed at how much better everyone in our family feels now that we’ve completely cut out gluten! It doesn’t even feel like a sacrifice anymore as much as a blessing- our improved health has been that amazing. Blessings and prayers!

  21. Thanks Sarah, I agree it is phenomenal how much better everyone feels.

    Roxie 🙂 Aww honey, you’re not stepping on my toes, you go right ahead. Encouraging someone not to give up is a noble endeavor and I say more power to you. 🙂 (((((Hugs)))))

    Great Idea AKHSF (alaska homeschool fun). I never even thought of practicing on paper, but it’s a brilliant idea. Great way to get practice without ruining anything expensive, which Lord knows, I have done one more than one occasion. Wish I had taken my time to learn more before charging ahead half-cocked.

  22. Kara

    Hi Miss Maggie,

    I’m hoping Frugal Abundance is out of commission because you’re updating it. I don’t know where to turn for basic GF cornbread now or buckwheat pancakes = )

    Take care, love reading you, and you’ve inspired me to reconsider headcovering (yet again) Bless!

  23. CharlieAnn

    Do you still have your web sight. It won’t come up on my computer.

  24. Leta

    This is the most useful comment run ever! Thank You!

  25. Annie

    It is so good that you’re blogging agian! 🙂
    Your sites have been a blessing to our family. I have to ask – how is your hair doing? – Great, i hope.

  26. Erika

    Happy to see you back too 🙂

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