The woman I want to be . . .

I have been reading a book called Calorie Queens and have found it especially encouraging. It’s about a Mother/Daughter team who looked at the problem of weight loss and figured out what it would take to finally be successful at it, which they were. Their before and after pictures are amazing.

The basic premise is to decide who or what you want to be, and then behave in the way that a person of that size (or demeanor) would have to behave. For instance, a woman who is lightly active, middle aged and weighs 125-pounds, eats about 1500 calories a day and probably walks a few times a week. Thus to become a 125-pound woman who is lightly active I would have to eat 1500 calories a day, and walk a few times a week. If I’m not willing to do the behavior, then I will never have the results. If I want to be sort of woman who always has a clean kitchen or bathroom, then I have to be the sort of woman who spends time–daily–cleaning her kitchen or bathroom. For the kitchen it would probably be more like several times daily, not just once a day. Without doing the behavior, the results won’t come.

So I’m thinking up what kind of woman, what kinds of character traits, I want, and then considering if I’m willing to the do the work to acheive those goals. I don’t know for sure yet. But here is my list of brain-stormed goals.

I want to be the type of woman who . . .

  1. Sees her doctor regularly for all the tedious maintenance details that come with aging.
  2. Takes her pills on time, every day, twice a day.
  3. Almost never eats processed sugar.
  4. Isn’t tempted by chocolate, maybe even the kind of woman who never eats chocolate, maybe I want to be allergic to chocolate.
  5. Weighs 125-pounds, or 150-pounds would be nice too.
  6. Plans meals every week and sticks to the meal plans.
  7. Wakes up at 6am and walks for 1 hour, 5 days a week, and then comes home and bathes and starts breakfast and then school.
  8. Goes to bed by 10pm.
  9. Bakes bread every week.
  10. Makes cookies and muffins for my kids.

There are probably more I’ll come up with. I’m not honestly sure if I’m willing to the work to acheive these goals. I already am the type of woman who makes her bed every morning and seldom watches TV, and homeschools her kids inspite of the difficulty. So I know some things that I once considered impossible (like the homeschooling and bed making) are simply a part of my daily routine. Maybe some of the other goals can become like that too. I’m not sure . . . much to think about.



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26 responses to “The woman I want to be . . .

  1. chrizzz

    I like to read your posts. Go on with that 🙂

  2. Kathy Jones

    We will be looking forward to it.

  3. jan

    now that makes sense and i like the way you have thought it out i really like the part about being willing to do the work to become that woman i am going to show this to my 3 oldest daughters and then start my own list

  4. I love the wisdom of this. I’m going to start my own list. Please update us on how your journey goes.

  5. The concept of doing what is required to become what you desire is profound….simple, but profound. I need to sit with that in prayer for a while and see where the Lord takes me.

    “Allergic to chocolate” – LOL. Back in the day, I participated in a Lenten project to eat no refined sugar for 50 days. I did slip with an occasional pop-tart and some cookies a friend gave me as part of a lunch. Other than that, I was clean.

    When Easter came, I was ready to eat chocolate! Except, after I ate one cadbury egg, I got ill. Horribly ill. I did get back to eating sweets again, but the experience stayed with me.


  6. Marcella

    I have an article on my fridge that details this same sort of inspiration in terms of career planning. just seeing that article each day reminds me of who i want to be. may not happen now, next week, or next year, but being mindful is the first step. keep it up, sister!

  7. That sounds very interesting, not to mention inspiring! Very simple and direct, like some big goal chopped in small pieces you can work with.

  8. I’m glad you’re back! I have so enjoyed following your blog over the years!

    I wish I was allergic to chocolate too, and dr pepper, lol.

    Welcome Back and God Bless!

  9. Gorgeous, gorgeous! The “duh-logic” of this post impresses me, I think that perhaps I shall link to it, if you don’t mind!

  10. Yes, link away.

    I’m tickled that this idea impressed everyone else as much as it did me. It’s giving me the impetous to make some changes that I’m really ready to make.

  11. i love this one!!
    Isn’t tempted by chocolate, maybe even the kind of woman who never eats chocolate, maybe I want to be allergic to chocolate.

  12. Kriswithmany

    So simple, but yes, inspiring. I will have to think long and hard about what my goals are. Am I ready to live like the woman I want to be?

  13. That’s a great question Kris. I am willing to live up to some of it, but I’ve got a ways to go so I’m tackling it a little at a time. I’ll tell ya one thing, I feel better about myself just trying to do these things, than I’ve felt in a while. And right now since everything costs so much I can’t afford many external “treats” so giving myself this sort of behavior as a freebie treat is more satisfying than a lot of things I can think of and more satisfying than pretty much any thing I can afford. ;-).

  14. Miss Maggie, I’m glad you’re back. I made a list like this a few years ago when I was on the Prism weight loss program. You’ve inspired me to dig it out (I must still have it some where) and do some praying, revising and planning.

  15. marineswife

    Oh Excellent! I need to copy you. 🙂

  16. sherrieh

    How about Loving Yourself? I too struggle with weight. As a therapist, I know it’s an emotional and behavioral issue!

    Perhaps you can benefit by some of the things I write about on my website at Visit the section on love. I also invite you to check out my blog on love and relationships at Many blessings on Your Journey into yourself!

  17. Raven

    Great one, Maggie.

    My sister really is allergic to chocolate. Not just chocolate candy, but anything with cocoa in it or cocoa butter (which is a lot of things, including many lip balms). She gets very itchy painful blisters around her lips and her lips swell up.

    You could pretend this was going to happen to you and do what she does… eat pickles instead. 🙂

  18. Gilana

    You’re already the kind of woman who ponders the kind of woman she wants to be… take your due credit for that. Welcome back!

  19. I want to be the kind of woman who can eat healthy food whenever she is hungry, junk food every now and again and still be slim enough to do whatever she likes, and never be accused of laziness and gluttony.

    I want to be the kind of woman who doesn’t need to think about food all the time, and have a world of implications tied into every thing she consumes.

    I want to be the kind of woman who can eat whatever is placed in front of her without being a pain in the neck about it.

    I want to be the kind of woman who is not completely uptight about her diet, but just happens to look good.

    I know that there is always room for improvement, but I’d really really like to be me, just not fat.

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  21. sherrieh

    I’m with you sister in the weight loss department. I really like your vision. The New Moon arrives Monday. That’s the time for creating new visions for ourselves. We women have to stick together. Visit my website at http://www.moonwomenspirituality for creating some change in your lives or my blog at for helping you love your journey into yourself! Many blessings!

  22. Miss Maggie,

    I found the following website this week and it has totally changed my outlook about food, eating, and forming good habits all-around:

    Everyday Systems

    The “No S Diet” is the best part!

  23. diane

    Well, you might consider buying some walking dvds, those build great endurence for your lungs, and heart. Walking outside is just not the same, you’re exposed to the elements, and not presured to keep a constant pace. Give the dvds a try. Ross has some for very little money, and you won’t be disappointed, builds great disipline.

  24. diane

    oops, theres a typo, the word is discipline

  25. myownterms

    Loved this post, will definitely have to think about this for myself, as my life seems to be going through some changes this past year or so.

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