Back in the Saddle

We’ve got school going well now. The boys needed extra help getting adjusted to their new schedules this year, which is why I had to take so much time off. I miss writing here on the blog, and building on my site too. Family has to come first though, because otherwise my priorities get messed up and everything crashes until I rebuild it the right way.

  1. God
  2. Fred/Marriage
  3. Kids/Family
  4. Home/Hospitality/Cleaning etc.
  5. Website/Blog/Email

When I keep things in this order my life runs so much more smoothly. I get out of whack sometimes and have to remind myself of how to do it.

We’re on a super tight budget right now. I have $75 to $100 per week for groceries, including cleaning supplies, food, pet food, hygiene, and over the counter meds. It’s stretching my skills in a way I haven’t experienced in a few years. At the same time we’re maintaining our gluten-free, dairy-free diet. It’s taken a lot of adjustments, but we’re doing better than I thought we would.

We’re doing some of the things everyone else is doing–eating less meat, using more beans (a lot more beans) when we do buy meat we use the cheapest stuff like regular ground beef, ground turkey, chicken leg quarters etc. I’ve learned that most preservatives trigger my kids into bad behavior. That means anything with added sodium nitrates, BHA or BHT is out of the question. I’ve bought some of the new “natural” products like bacon, hot dogs and sliced ham lunch meat, and they taste very good. They don’t trigger my kids either, but I can’t afford them much because they aren’t exactly cheap.

At the same time, I’m carefully watching what I eat, trying to stick to an exchange plan diet and so far I’m enjoying it. I find it easier to do this type of plan while maintaining my itty-bitty budget than any other plan I’ve tried. I also think calorie counting is a good method for people on a budget. I’ve got about 80 pounds to lose and am not going to give up until one day, they are gone.

Any questions you have can go here on my blog, but I am also accepting email again, after several months off. I can be reached at frugalabundance(at)



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11 responses to “Back in the Saddle

  1. Good to see you back. I look forward to future posts. 🙂

    $75-$100 a week IS challenging. I think I grew new muscles in my brain trying to do it on $50-$60 per week, and that’s without growing boys like you have. 🙂

  2. Welcome back Maggie!!! I missed you!! I agree with you, budgeting isn’t always easy!! We usually have $45-$50 to spend on groceries/household items per week, so TRUST me, I totally understand cutting back and being a strict budget!! I know you are doing a great job!! AND you are doing it with being nitrate, dairy, and gluten free… that is a TRUE challenge girl! you go!

  3. Welcome back. Glad you are ready for a new school year. I wish more families would make and stick to a priority list like you have above. Too often work and friends creep to the top and then things get all messed up.

    We’re cutting back even further ourselves (not sure exactly what it is per week since we only shop every 6 weeks or so). Thankfully we have Sam’s club for bulk buying. My son is detoxing from all the additives in the eating out we did the last few weeks so he’s pretty fussy but we’re getting back into a fall homeschool routine and things are looking up.

  4. Hi Robyn, & Carrie and AKHSfun, I missed being here too, but am happy to be back. I understand about tight budgets and detoxing sons both. And both challenge me to the limit, but that is part and parcel with my job.

    Good to see everyone. 🙂

  5. I’m so glad you are back. School starting is always a fun time here, too.

    That is a tight budget. Thank goodness beans and rice are great staple foods.

  6. Hi Maggie,
    Its good to see you back again. I finally started my own blog. I have linked to your blog, I hope thats ok and also I think thats what its called.
    I did refer your site to a lady in our church who eats GF.
    My girls are doing well in school. Its good to be back on schedule again.

  7. Hi Country Lady, I give a hearty “Amen” to your rice & beans comment 🙂

    Hello Debbieo, it’s great to see you. Your link to me is fine. Thank-you. 🙂 I linked to your blog too.

  8. Kris

    Glad you’re back. Having just moved from CA to OK (where food, yes – really, is more expensive), and our food budget shrinking while our family is growing, I’ll be watching for more ideas to save money. And maybe an occasional recipe with those rice & beans. 🙂

  9. Chrysta

    I was wondering where to get the password for CIMT. I am going to be using it the rest of the year and next. I am new to OFE but really like what I see and will be implementing it for the remaining year and next at least.
    Thanks, Chrysta

  10. John Wasson

    Yes, my son has been having issues with the public schools an we want to be able to take him out of that scene. We tried to enrol in a homeschool, however since the public school would not sent the information to get him enrolled, so currently he is in no school. Please help us so that we can get him some education.

  11. Anonymous

    i am learning for exams but my teacher only game me a test paper for cimpt mep so he told me to do some tests from there for revision but when i went to the website for year 8 exam i was told i needed a password but i never had one could you please reply and give me information about it please so i could revise for the test my email is as follows

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