Another Jumper Pic & Pet Pics Too

Over the weekend we did some picture taking and thought y’all might enjoy the results.

 Navy Floral Jumper 

 (Above) New Navy Blue Print Jumper. Looking at the picture I think the sleeves of my t-shirt are a little short, but otherwise I’m very pleased with this one. It’s my new favorite.

Tree Frog

 (Above) This is Tony, we don’t know if Tony is a He-Tree-Frog or a She-Tree-Frog, so we call it Tony. Tony lives right outside our front door, near the deck. We can see him/her all spring and summer. We are proud of our Tree-Frog. It’s the first we’ve ever had.

fluffy cat

 This is Fluffy. He is a big, charcoal grey, fluffy long hair. He is the sweetest natured cat I’ve ever owned. He is a very big cat, even aside from the fur. His paws are like big-foot, but he wasn’t willing to share them for the camera. (Photo Credit–Tom)

pepper cat

 This is Pepper. He is a brat. He is a little bit clumsy. He is Fluffy’s uncle by blood and his sibling by adoption. I love Pepper mostly because I have a soft spot in my heart for bratty kitty-cats. He kills bread. When he was a baby neighbors used to throw old bags of bread into the woods and he learned to kill them (the bags of bread, not the neighbors). Now we must always hide the bread from him because he has a compulsion to kill it. Homemade bread is his favorite. He also likes styrofoam and beating up the other cats and the dogs for that matter. He is King Kitty in our house. (Photo Credit–Tom)

tortiseshell cat

 This is Princess Scraggle Muffin. She was a scrawny tiny runt when we got her. Her litter-mate is Fluffy. He was twice her size. Now she is no longer scraggly. She is a princess. Scraggy is the most feminine cat we’ve ever owned, and we’ve owned a lot of cats. The mom of Fluff and Scragg is named Faith. She is a beautiful tortiseshell who lives with my Aunt Linda and Granny, but I don’t have a picture of her. She is patient and kind like Fluffy and Feminine like Scraggy. Scraggle is so spoiled that she cannot take a nap unless she is laying on a person or a pillow.  (Photo Credit–Tom)

I could not get a picture of my very old woman cat named Snow-Bell. She is nearly 20 and uncooperative.

Obi Wan Kanobi

This is Obi-Wan-Kanobi as played by Douglas, my nephew. My mom is holding him.  He has just got done skinny dipping in a baby-pool on their deck and is now snuggling up with G-Ma for the start of a nap.



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22 responses to “Another Jumper Pic & Pet Pics Too

  1. kristina

    it’s so nice to finally see you.

    just love the cats maggie love the names too. i had a big black long haired tom cat called fuzzy. his fangs were to big to stay in his mouth. he was a big ball of fur and muscle, but oh so gentle.

    love obi, so cute and those chubby cheeks…just want to squish them.

  2. Thanks Kristina. Fuzzy sounds delightful. I’m not accustomed to gentle cats. Most of ours have been a little prickly, like Pepper. These two–Fluffy and Scraggy, are the most gentle natured cats I’ve ever known, and friendly too. Pepper on the other hand, will reach out and claw people as they walk by, just to remind us all that he’s in charge.

  3. Leta

    You have a cat who’s nearly 20? Wow.

    I am just about ready to buy you a plane ticket so you can come to my house and give me sewing lessons. What do you say? 🙂

  4. Hee! I tell ya’ what Leta, I’m about ready for a vacation, so any time you’re ready let me know. 🙂 🙂

  5. Maggie, Thanks so much for commenting on my site! I’d love to help you in any way I can with the gluten free diet! I really relied on your HBHW site for years and it is SO wonderful to “meet” you!

    I feel like we have a lot in common regarding the foods we are eating and why!

    I love your jumpers!! I don’t know a lot about sewing, but really want to learn more!

    Ohhh…. I love your kitties too! I’ve got four sweeties!!

  6. I like this one best too, Maggie! You are tearin’ it up with your sewing machine!

  7. Just love your jumper – so pretty. And your nephew is a so sweet as a soccer obi-wan. =)

  8. cbrunette

    The jumper is fabulous!

    My parents’ old house near Vinton had gazillions of tree frogs and toads in the woods. The spring and summer nights were loud! They just recently moved over to Salem to be closer to Dad’s work and my sister’s college.


  9. Love the Jumper! It is soooo pretty! The kittens and nephew are cute also.

  10. I like the navy blue one best too! Seeing your pictures reminded me of how much I *love* jumpers, and I *love* navy florals.

    Slightly off topic, but I *love* your floor, too! It is lovely!

    And the kitties are quite superior! (as is the nephew…and mom, of course…)

    Off to my day…hope yours is lovely.



  11. Erika

    Love the pictures! Tony (or is it “Toni??”) reminds me of the “pet” toad I had living by my deck at my first house. Every day when I watered my flowers there he would come out and get sprinkled and sit in the sun. I had never seen a tree frog before living here in northern NY–we have had them on the windows a few times, and a few times they have made their way into the house. I am sure they regretted that because we have 3 cats–indoor cats who are just dying for anything at all to hunt–but in all cases they played dead quite effectively. So funny–“dead” tree frog, laying on its back, surrounded by all 3 smug-looking cats. I come upon the scene, (shriek, of course…) shoo the cats away, carry the frog outside, mourning for it, and it revives and hops away!
    PS: what a beautiful jumper–maybe you’ll inspire me to start sewing yet!

  12. Awww, thank-you Maggie. You always know just what to say ;).

    The floor was the cheapest ceramic tile we could find when we were building the addition. Fred fell in love with it and I didn’t have a preference one way or the other, as long as it was tile and not carpet, so this is the one we bought.

    With animals, we cannot have carpet. We buy inexpensive, room-sized rugs that can be tossed out every couple of years as they get old and stinky. In the new addition though, we like the tile so much we don’t have any rugs except one next to the sliding glass doors.

    My favorite part about the tile is that it’s the same color as dirt so when I haven’t mopped in a while, you really can’t tell.

    The navy floral fabric I bought at Wal-Mart in their $2/yard section. It has a touch of polyester in it to keep it from wrinkling. I love floral prints and when I saw this one I knew I had to have it. I bought 3 yards and had to use a different fabric to line the bodice. 3 yards was just enough to squeak the jumper into. A scant 2 yards for the skirt and then the top, I just barely had enough fabric to cut it out. Had to flip the front bodice around to make it fit, so the pattern is going opposite directions on the front and back of the bodice. Luckily with this print it’s hard to tell.

    Great to see you honey-bunny. Hope your day is lovely too.

    🙂 Hugs & Love , Maggie

  13. Anna, so funny you should mention Tree Frogs & Salem. When I was a little girl, maybe 5, my family lived in Salem, not too far from Elliston. My Uncle, who was 10 at the time, took me to a wet weather pond where the local frogs were hanging out. Uncle was very good to me, and I considered him terribly sophisticated and wise about all things. It seemed as if he had brought me to Fairy Land itself! In the pond there were tadpoles in all stages of development and all around it were frogs singing to one another and hanging out. He pointed out the tadpoles in the pond and we spent an hour watching them, counting the ones with legs, the ones with legs and hands, the ones that were still “fish” and the ones that were almost frogs.

    He took me there several times before the pond dried up and the frogs were all grown-up and gone. I learned more about frogs from that pond than from any book I ever read. I saw the pond again a few years ago, and it was flooded and full of frogs again. Their singing was so loud one could barely hear oneself speak.

  14. Carrie, thanks so much for the offer. You’ll be hearing from me in the next few days. 🙂 Really enjoying your blog BTW, very nicely done.

  15. Hee! Quasimodo, I’m keeping a fire extinguisher near the sewing machine in case my lightening fast moves cause any flames 😉

  16. Lovely jumper, Miss Maggie! I am looking for fabric just like that to sew a skirt. Our fabric choices here are so limited. I like dark-ish busy prints like that. They don’t show up every little spot or stain and give you lots of options for tops to wear with them.

    I love seeing pictures of you and your home and family. Your nephew is just the cutest little thing!

  17. Hi Maggie. Great pics. I love your attitude to the simple things – they are simple yet so important to us all. We just don’t know it.
    Regards, Ross.

  18. I love the jumper. I seem to think we must think alike, because I dislike short(short)sleeves.

    I am not the greatest seamstress but I was thinking that if I made a jumper I would add to the sleeves the fabric of the jumper. Does this sound possible? I am wondering as sewing for me is slow and self taught.

  19. Hi Jennifer, I’m self-taught too. You just keep trying and improvments come.

    Are you asking if it’s possible to add sleeves to a jumper? or to make the straps wider? If you want to add sleeves to a jumper then it’s probably easiest to find a very simple dress pattern and make the sleeves from a different fabric so it looks like a shirt under it.

  20. I came across your site. I really enjoyed reading through the different topic areas. I sometimes begin to wonder if others share the same coonvictions as I do. For years I lived in a Mennonite and Amish Area, then we moved and I held tight to what I believed but often I would feel all alone. Then an addition happened to our family. My son married a young girl that had a lot of questions about the way I appearred to be different then others. Then one day she slowly started a change. It first started with what she was choosing to wear every day, then she slowly gave away a lot of her clothes she felt she would no longer be wearing. It was this change that made me understand that it was never about what I would say, because I loved her without change. Today I find myself looking at her change and knowing that it is our actions that bring change and not words.

  21. Amen Brenda. What an inspiring story. 🙂

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