Why I wear a Headcovering.

I wanted to write out a long discertation on why and how I cover my head, but I find myself pressed for time. I promise I will write it soon, because I get lots of questions about it and I have been feeling the need to write it out. For today though, to keep my promise to Roxie, I have listed links to 2 articles I’ve written about it and 6 other resources that are comprehensive and educational.

Christian women covered their heads for at least 1,950 years. It’s only in the last 50 years that American Women have stopped. One of the links below has a pictorial essay that I found quite interesting. Enjoy!

Introduction to headcovering by Miss Maggie

Beginner’s Tips by Miss Maggie

An Indepth Study of 1 Corinthians 11:2-16

Headcovering Through the Centuries–Pictorial

Scarf of Hidden Power (free ebook download)

Let Her Be Veiled by Tom Shank

Tapes & Online Sermons from Charity Ministries

Free E-Book & Several other Resources




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  1. Roxanna Meiske

    Thank you. I will be reading and studing these. Roxie

  2. Mom of 4

    I’m curious as to your perspective on how head covering fits in with our Lord’s admonitions in Matthew 6 not to draw attention to ourselves. I’m on the fence myself because I can see it from two perspectives: one is that we shouldn’t make a show of ourselves, but OTOH we’re supposed to be salt and light. I’d be interested in your reflections on this, as well as hearing more about your experiences in the secular world since you started covering.

  3. I am loving these encouraging posts! Thank you!

    Mom of 4, for me, personally, Matthew 6 is speaking of making a spectacle of acts done for the Lord (which actually makes them acts for self, not the Lord). Obviously, if I were wearing a covering over my head as a symbol, jumping up and down in the street proclaiming why I am wearing it, it is making a spectacle. Simply running errands is not an act of attention-grabbing in itself. Granted, people will look, especially if a covering is something other than a bandanna, however, this is not staring at a spectacle, it is taking note of someone that looks just a little different – something quiet and subtle, but obvious.
    Personally, I don’t see wearing a covering relating to Matthew 6 in a true sense of drawing attention to ourselves.
    I’ve seen far more women with cleavage hanging out that are Christians drawing “that kind” of attention to themselves than women with head coverings being spectacles.
    *shrugs* To each his own on this matter, I guess. 😀

  4. Hi Mom of 4. I think that when I wear the covering I point to Christ, not to myself. It’s humbling to wear a covering. I become less important and God becomes more important.

    We know that women prayed and prophesied in public back then because of 1 Corinthians 11:5–But every woman that prayeth or prophesieth with her head uncovered dishonoreth her head: for that is even all one as if she were shaven.

    1 Thessalonians 5:17 tells us to–Pray without ceasing.

    Matthew 6 is about Giving Alms (Matthew 1-4), Praying (Matthew 6:5-13–the Lord’s Prayer specifically), Fasting (16-18), Greed (19-24) & Worldly Worries (25-34).

    We know the Bible does’t contradict itself. When I read Matthew 6:5-13, it doesn’t seem to me to contradict 1 Corinthians 11:5 . They seem complimentary to me.

    I feel like I should be doing a better job of answering your question, but I’m not sure exactly what you want to know. Ask any other questions you have and I’ll answer them the best I can.

  5. Thank you very much for the article. 🙂

  6. Mamalade

    I would like to thank you for even opening the door for us to converse on this very timely subject. I think ” women of God” has become a slogan that we throw around very carlessly. I don’t think we take enough time to study and to show ourselves approved and in doing so or not doing so we allow ourselves to judge our selves by ourselves instead of the standard of the bible. I love the fact that this is challenging us as “Women” to seek, search and hunger after the truth which will inturn lead us to HIM. Ladies I am encouraged by the challenge that I have recieved by the LORD to continue seeking him in this area that I may continue to RENEW MY MIND IN HIM.

    I have been covering my head with BANDANAS for 2 years maybe He is challenging me to change and go even deeper undercover. How exciting!!
    Thank You

  7. Mom of 4

    Good answers, all! I hope it didn’t seem like I was putting anyone on the spot with the question I asked; it’s just that if I were to cover my head, I’m pretty sure I’d feel self-conscious, and as if I were drawing attention to myself, instead of making myself less so that God can be more, KWIM? Maybe one adapts?

    OTOH, it doesn’t bother me a bit to swim upstream of the dominant culture in other ways, so I guess I’m inconsistent! (*chuckle*) Anyhow, thanks for a thought-provoking subject.

  8. Excellent point Mamalade, thanks for sharing. 🙂

    Mom of 4, this subject is weird, it’s outside of our comfort zone, at least it was for me when I first heard of it. I felt humongously self-conscious. When you start doing it as an adult instead of doing it your whole life, and when you don’t have a community to support you in doing it, it’s especially challenging. People looked at me when I first started, mostly because I was still self-conscious about it. Now days I don’t get so many looks, for several reasons I think. For one, it feels natural to me. To be honest that took a couple of years. I mean it felt more natural after a couple of months, but it took me a couple of years to really get completely used to it. While I was adjusting it was awkward. That awkwardness, that discomfort on my side, put me in touch with the Lord on a moment by moment basis that changed me, inside out. It was good for me to feel out of my element for a while. I had a lot of worldly baggage that God needed to shave off of me. I still have worldly baggage, but far less than before I started covering.

    Another thing it did was make me change my expectations, of my family, and of the world. I came to expect far better public behavior from my children, which was especially difficult for us because of ADHD (youngest son and husband), mild agoraphobia (oldest son and husband) and Asperger’s Syndrome, a mild form of autism (oldest son). It was incredibly challenging to me to teach them how to use manners, how to look people in the eye, how to stay with the cart, how to keep one’s hands to oneself, how to behave respectfully to others, how to be kind to mommy at the check-out counter when stress is at it’s highest–it was hard. But I taught them how to do it and now they can all go out in public, and behave just like everyone else. It weren’t always so though, and I can honestly say that my headcovering gave me patience, love and an ability to disciple them in these areas.

    The changes that God was able to make in me after I went “undercover” were enormous. Before I covered I fought God a lot more. After covering, I was more compliant to Him. It made me more receptive to God’s will for me and more willing to follow Him than my own way. Like I said, it made my life more about Him and less about myself.

    Wearing a covering is weird in our society. It was normal for 2000 years, but now it’s weird. I don’t mind being weird. I’m eccentric. My extended family is eccentric. I think I would have stood out no matter what I did. I would rather stand out for Godly-ness than for Worldly-ness. I’ve stood up (and out) for both and doing it for God is much better for me.

  9. Love this paragraph, Frugal Abundance:

    >>Wearing a covering is weird in our society. It was normal for 2000 years, but now it’s weird. I don’t mind being weird. I’m eccentric. My extended family is eccentric. I think I would have stood out no matter what I did. I would rather stand out for Godly-ness than for Worldly-ness. I’ve stood up (and out) for both and doing it for God is much better for me.

    I feel I could’ve written the same words (but probably not as well).

    THANK YOU for blogging on this!

  10. Raven

    Hi Maggie,

    Sorry to be leaving comments on your old posts, but they are all good and I thought you might be interested in this:

    Before my daughter was born I worked as an RN, and there is actually an ongoing debate in nursing over whether or not to go back to wearing nurse’s caps. I am a pro-cap person, actually. The advantages of caps are 1) they show identity, like rank and years of education 2) they make nurses stand out from everyone else in scrubs and 3) they look professional. When you look professional, you act more professional. Of course with male nurses things are more complicated, but the profession is still 94% female and we could work something out for the guys.

    The opponents thought that caps signified too much subservience to the physician. I’m not sure that that’s really the case. I know I always got more respect in my whites than in colored scrubs (go figure), but I wasn’t allowed to wear a cap at work because nobody else did and they felt it made them look bad, like I was “special”. Or I got confused with the nuns.

    So, from a secular viewpoint, head coverings can have a lot of significance as well. Which makes you wonder if there’s something universal about head coverings and females, huh?

    You’ve got me thinking about this. Thank you!


  11. I agree that headcoverings are a symbol. Cowboys are instantly recognized and old-fashioned nurses (I do think that they have lost some of their authority when they gave up their cap and blended into the rest of the hospitals’ staffs). Even different gangs recognize each other by their headcoverings. There is no doubt of what they stand for. Christian women’s headcoverings should be like that too.

    Yes, it is awkward at first. I’m still not quite use to it, but use the challenge is a chance to better evaluate my relationship with God and share my faith. I feel a bit like the old Nike commercial, Just Do It! I’m glad I have obeyed.

    Since I’ve been enjoying your articles so much lately, I’ve added you to my blogroll. Thanks for the good reading.

  12. I too, was concerned about drawing more attention to myself when I chose to cover earlier this year. It is strange how humbling oneself does in fact draw more attention! But I suppose that is the state of our upsidedown world.

    The heart of the matter was this; Yahwey convicted me of it in my spirit. He truly IS LORD of my life and to stand firm against that conviction would only result in great unrest in my spirit and seperation from His Shalom. (Experiance speaking.) I chose to TRUST and OBEY what I know He has told me to do.

    He has gotten me through the awkward moments with others and will continue too. I pray that my responces glorify Him.

    There are three things that I see clearly now, which I think are direct results of responding to the conviction to cover. 1. That He has marked me as His own for all to see. (Why? I can only guess because I am not “worthy”. My thankfullness knows no end!) Frankly that can be very scary! 2. He is preparing me to walk in the fullness of His bounty as His bride. He continues to transform me in leaps and bounds! Never a dull moment in the King’s palace. 3. That I trust Him fully and abandon myself for Him and His purposes. (No small feat for someone who has come from pride and independance.) My desires are becomeing his desires – period.

    My covering is a constant reminder of all the things he has called me too. It is plain wierd how such a simply thing can be a reminder of so much. The scarf is simply that, a scarf, but it becomes something quite supernatural when it is done in response to trusting and obeying Him; such is the case with everything we do in that way….

  13. I must say this has been an interesting read. I never gave it a thought about the fact that ladies have “always” worn them except the last 50 years or so. But this is a thought I had. Ladies wore them when they went out. Not all the time. Also, reading in Corinthians seems clear to me that Paul is referring to a ladies hair. My husband also believes this. So I guess I too am on the fence and curious about this matter.

  14. Jennifer

    I actually came across 1 Corinthians 11 last semester (I’m a senior in college) and it took me by surprise because it totally sounds like Paul was not just talking to women back then in Corinth, but to women in general in the Church. Since we are still in the church era I am coming to believe that this section of scripture is still valid. I am trying to get my dad to read and think unbiased about this topic and help me process it. I am still under their authority and I do not want to do anything that would cause them disappointment in me. I can deal with the world’s scorn (I think/hope), but my family’s scorn or disappointment in me would pretty much crush me. I do understand I will answer to God one day for what I did with the verses He brings to my attention and I mentioned that to my dad. I don’t mean to challenge the Lord and He knows that, but I asked Him if this could be my fleece, if my dad backs me hunch that these verses in the Bible are still for today then I will take up wearing the head covering, but if he does not come to that conclusion and even has points to back up that this is not still for today then I will not take up covering my head. I ask that you pray for my dad and that the Lord will burden his heart with this if it is expedient, but if it is not that the Lord will give him a strong conviction and reasons why.
    I have also taken to wearing skirts only in the last week and so far I don’t think anyone had noticed a difference except for the first couple days when I wore them to work, but I know questions will come. I used to wear skirts and coolautes in high school for modesty and school purposes, but my mom and sister talked me out of it on the basis that it isn’t Christ like to draw unnecessary attention to myself by wearing dowdy or “homeschoolerish” clothes. (I hope I didn’t offend any homeschoolers with that last remark, I used to be one of you too).
    I am confused, please, please pray for the Lord’s clarity for both my dad and me, and that my younger sister (19) won’t scorn me for my decision. I’d hate to cut the lines of communication between us.
    Thanks all : )

  15. Praying for you Jennifer. Keep us updated on the outcome. I know how confusing it can be. I pray the Lord will give you clarity on this topic. Blessings–Maggie

  16. Hello Maggie,
    Thanks for the post with the links. Like I have told you before, you were a wonderful source of encouragement to me when I was deciding to cover. It has been a wonderful road. No matter what anyone else says about covering, they cant argue with the fact that it just seems to give me and my hubby a joy and peace.
    Blessings to you Sis-in-the-LORD 🙂

  17. Kim


    Thanks for the encouraging post. I have recently started wearing a headcovering most every day. I want to do this and have been convicted that it is important. But I am in the very new stages of it and trying to figure out a few things about it.

    I have purchased two headcoverings that are triangle in shape and another one that is long and rectangle in shape. The other one I wear, I made myself, thinking it might fit better. It is also triangle and snaps in back. However, not one of them stays on all day. It is causing frustration for me as I just don’t have any ideas on how to keep my headcoverings on throughout the day while I am working. Do you have any ideas for me? My hair is very long and fine, but also pretty curly. It is the type of hair that can look somewhat “bushy” on a windy or humid day. So far, I have just been using many bobby pins, but prefer not to continue doing that as it is tearing my hair after doing it for a couple of weeks. I live in Tennessee and get rather hot, so I prefer not to tie it under my chin. I know there is a way for me to continue wearing some type of covering and yet not be so awkward about it, but I just need to figure out what that way is! Any suggestions?

    Thank you.


  18. Juliet

    Dear Kim…if you go to the website, tznius, they have a tutorial on ways to cover your hair with their scarves. One way that I am thinking of doesn’t require you to put it in a bun…but will catch the hair and it ties over the caught hair. You will have to go on that website to see how it works. The hair is covered, then the ends are pulled up and tied above where they are covered, making this really nice bun of covering.
    Hope this helps.

  19. Hi Kim,
    I have the same hair as you, and I’ve had quite a lot of luck with the Jewish style that ties around the bun, as long as the scarf is big enough. It also stays on quite well, even if you have slippery hair.

    Otherwise, I’ve found the Rosie the riveter style works well. It doesn’t need any bobby pins, but it does require a safety pin at the top.

    I’ve also tied my hair back in a bun and tied a scarf over the top of my head like a wide headband, sort of like what was popular a year or two ago (don’t know if that is enough for you).

  20. liz

    i want to wear a headcovering during church “while praying” and i dont know where to start. I live in an area which is highly muslim and i dont want to be mistaken for a muslim (no offense to muslims)
    Any ideas? i believe we woman should wear one during prayer time , maybe a veil for me or something not hijab-looking?

    Im catholic by the way

    • Hi, I’m an Orthodox Christian and many of us wear the mantilla style coverings or a long scarf wrapped around our head with some hair showing in front. Many Roman Catholic woman wear a mantilla style covering, a hat, or a long scarf as well.

      I think it’s very hard to look muslim while making the sign of the cross! Check out http://www.freetocover.blogspot.com for some ideas.

  21. Chelse Brun

    Thank you for the encouraging/informative post. Since last October, I’ve been trying to figure out this whole head covering thing, thanks to some Mennonite friends of mine. So, tonight I decided to “Google it” to see what I’d come up with, and your blog was on the top. There’s some very interesting discussion going on here!
    Liz – From what little I’ve seen, it has to do with both the style of dress AND the covering, not just one or the other. Those that I know who cover their heads don’t look Muslim at all. They look Mennonite. So, I really don’t know what to say if you’re looking for Catholic, because the only Catholics I know don’t cover their heads. If you know any other Catholic women who cover their heads, they would probably be your best bet for more information? I hope this helps…

  22. Janis

    Thank you so much for this blog and for the posts. I thought I was alone in my conviction concerning headcovering for Christian women. It’s wonderful to know that I’m not the only Christian woman who has been struggling with this. I’m an Independent Baptist, and the only woman in our congregation who wears a headcovering. At first no one made any comments, although I felt some had questions. Recently I was confronted by a Christian gentleman at a Christian function not assoicated with my local church. He seemed totally confused about why I would wear a headcovering, although he knew 1 Cor. 11 quite clearly. When I tried to explain, he said “Oh, you don’t believe in submission to your husband and all that stuff too, do you?” I must admit, I was as shocked at his view on submission as he seemed to be about my headcovering!! 🙂 Anyway, I’m going to share this website with him and others who wonder why I have come to wearing the headcovering. You explained it so much better than I ever could. Thank you!

  23. I have grown up Christian, but no one we personally know wears a head covering. I feel convicted to wear one, and I would like to have a community that agrees with me and supports me in this decision. So many women in the Christian faith never think about head coverings, and feel they are right with God even though they do not wear one. I will not dispute, but why do you think God would put it on some women’s hearts as a conviction, yet not on others? Is He equally pleased?
    What do you women think?

    • Andrea

      Hi Cassie,
      I’m in the exact same boat as you in your feelings and conviction! I am 22 years old, in college, and haven’t been able to escape this pressure of conviction for the past two or three years…I have been thrown off by the whole “long hair is the covering” thing but got into the Greek and am doing a huge, unbiased study on it to determine if God is truly meaning for me to cover my head. Noone else but me in my family is thinking about this, and noone at any of the non-denominational or Baptist churches I’ve attended and called “home” ever wear them either. In response to your question “…why do you think God would put it on some womens’ hearts as a conviction, yet not on others? Is He equally pleased?” I would first and foremost say that God perhaps chooses some to be His flag-bearers…to get the word out. The fact is, we live in a world of “Christians” so-called, who actually have very little knowledge or understanding (or even belief in!) the Bible. I feel that God may have chosen you and me as two of many Christian women to draw attention to His desire for the covering; to bring it to the Christian world’s attention, to let them know they are missing something. Of course, there are LOTS of things missing, but this one particular area (propriety in worship and appearance) seems kind of high on the priority list to me, at least. We are supposed to ever-worship our Lord, but according to the Bible there is a right and wrong way to do it! Perhaps He is using little people like us to witness to and expose the disobedience in His churches. Maybe the fact is, we should be covering and we’re not, so He’s using obedient women everywhere to start fixing the broken parts of the Christian walk. Personally, I think it is incredible that I am one of probably thousands of women who feel this need to be covered! When I first started pondering and praying over this, I thought I would only have the Mennonites and Amish be in support of me! *Side note: I have considered joining the Mennonites (twice) because of their obedience to this scripture, although I now believe I don’t have to be a part of their community in order to cover*
      So, to summarize, He puts it on the hearts of some in order to inspire the hearts of all. *In my finite opinion*
      This is the first time I have been on this website, and I felt the need to respond to your post! 🙂 I hope it offers some kind of help or peace.
      Perhaps we can be friends and encouragements to each other. Have you actually decided to cover? Or are you still praying about it? I am still praying and studying, because my greatest desire is not to draw attention to myself, but to be obedient to everything God has lined up for me as a young Christian woman. If I come to a 100% conviction that God truly does say I dishonor Him without my head covered, then it will be no time before my blonde hair goes into hiding. 😉 What I am trying to do right now is come to a 100% conviction for either corner; I want to rid myself of the double-mindedness!!
      I will pray for clarification and inspiration for everyone currently considering this matter. ❤
      Take care!

  24. Chelse Brun

    Hi Cassie!
    “I will not dispute, but why do you think God would put it on some women’s hearts as a conviction, yet not on others?” To be completely honest, I don’t know for sure, but my two cents would be this: if He wants someone to do something, He would make it clear to them somehow, especially if that person is earnestly seeking to do His will.
    “Is He equally pleased?” Well, in most cases, I’m not sure, but there is one catagory of situations that I am sure about. Does the obediance of one command cause us to disobey another, greater command? At 16, I’m still under the authority of my parents, who do not want me to wear a head covering, for now. So, if I wore a covering, I would be rebelling against my parents under the name of wearing a sign of submission. Now, does that sound right, as if rebellion against parents should be pleasing to God? No. Eph 6 says “Children, obey your parents… honor your father and your mother,” the latter part of Eph 5 discusses a woman submitting to her husband as to the Lord, and 1 Cor 11 talks about honoring authority. So, especially since 1 Cor 11 leaves a lot more room to debate than Eph 5, shouldn’t I obey the more obvious command? To “obey my parents in the Lord, for this is right?”
    So, “is He equally pleased?” Well, in my case, others like it, and even in the case of a woman whose husband tells her not to wear a covering, no. God clearly directs in many passages that children should submit to their parents, and that “wives should submit to their husbands in everything” (Eph 5:24b, NIV). However, when neither command applies, I really don’t know. I’m still confused as to what I ought to do when I leave my parents’ house…
    Of course, you could come at this from another angle and say, “well, what if your parents tell you to commit murder? Should a child obey their parents in that?” Of course not! Isn’t that what the phrase “in the Lord” is suppose to mean? To obey your parents, as long as it doesn’t go against the Lord’s commands? What I was trying to explain above is that I have heard excellent arguments for “cover with cloth,” “long hair is the covering,” and “it’s all cultural,” so, since that command isn’t nearly as crystal clear as “children, obey your parents,” and “wives, submit to your husbands,” I would be obligated to obey the more obvious command.
    Hope this helps someone! 🙂

  25. Chelse Brun

    Hi Andrea!
    I hadn’t realized that we were working on this at the exact same time! Wow!
    But, anyway, I would definately support what you had to say, although I’m also trying to figure out what that passage means… I’ve been given a definate “no” from my parents for now, but that doesn’t mean “never,” so I’ll still need to make a decision of my own someday… Do you mind writing an update for us when you’re done with your study of the Greek?

    • Andrea

      Hi Chelse,
      Upon completion of my study, and after perusing the arguments of many people smarter than me who use the Greek original words as their basis for their position, I have come to the conclusion that without a doubt, long hair is NOT the covering. The Greek words used for “covering”/covered/uncovered is completely different from the “covering” used in correlation with the hair. And I tried substituting “long hair” for “covered” and the logical opposite “short hair” for “uncovered”. And it makes absolutely no sense!!!! Someone has this argument perfectly laid out, and I’m going to put the link below. This author hits on all of the Greek words and goes even further into other things. The website is:

      It is VERY good and erases all questions except for one: so if I were to cover, how often and with what? Those are the things I still struggle with. I believe that anytime we pray, we should be ready with a head covering, so wouldn’t it be much simpler to have it on all the time? It used to make me angry that the Amish would force their women to obey 1 Cor. 11 but not obey it themselves (by wearing hats). But then I realized that whenever they decide to pray, it takes less than one second to remove their hat, which I know they do. So shouldn’t a woman’s covering be as removable and accessible? I even considered just having something about my shoulders, like a shawl, that I could pull up over my head when necessary, then when prayer was done, I could remove it. The problem with that, however, is that I would then be displaying my submission to men on a part-time basis, and thenceforth be acting hypocritical. SO round and round that little debate in my head goes….because I’m not looking to be legalistic and do the bare minimum; I want to take everything I know about God’s commands and doctrines and positions in the Bible and put them all together before I start doing this. Meaning, I want to be completely informed and clear-headed before I make a commitment to this.
      The day I posted to this thing, I printed off about 100 sheets of paper, full of about 10 different people’s studies on the headcovering. Most were incredibly eye opening; one that was the longest took almost EVERY excuse/objection/argument against wearing the headcovering and refuted them all and proved them wrong.
      Like I said, it’s not a question of whether or not I should wear one: I really believe I should, even though it’s not going to be popular with people (especially those who have their minds made up before even doing the study and therefore will balk at it no matter how gently I try to explain to them how I came to my conclusion)…The remaining issue is how often and with what? Does a little token-covering count? How much of the head? Do I really need to wear this all of the time? Or just in public? What about during bedtime? I’m still looking for these answers, and also pondering about how much my life would be affected if I were to wear a head covering and my future boss (principal of an elementary school) didn’t like it and wanted to fire me…..seriously it would be SOOO much easier if I could be a stay-at-home mom and wife; then I wouldn’t have these vain worries about worldly job-related worries. I’m not married, though, so I still have to get a job! I have wondered if I might be able to teach at a Mennonite school…there I would be accepted with a head covering and still have a job…even better, I would be able to intertwine Christianity with curriculum. What does anyone think of this? Any ideas of my chances of being a covering non-Mennonite with a Bachelor’s degree teaching in a Mennonite schoolhouse? I hope the question isn’t as rhetorical as it sounds……

      I have a lot of other resources for you to read, if you like. I even went through old Bible commentaries, and how peculiar that NONE of them dispute that “praying with head covered/uncovered” has to do with a literal covering and not hair?? And…well…..I’ll just be repeating what others wiser than me have said in their articles; but if you want them, I will gladly give you all of my links.

  26. Andrea

    A strange thing happened in church yesterday…I had my hair all done up in a pretty bun, but right before prayer, I felt hugely guilty and convicted because I wasn’t wearing a covering on my head; I even looked around and saw two women wearing hats (probably just a fashion statement, but nevertheless…) and a verse ran through my mind out of nowhere: “it would’ve been better for you if you had never known, but how worse it will be for you who knew and didn’t obey!” That’s the version of the verse that went through my mind, but the actual verse is:
    “For it had been better for them not to have known the way of righteousness, than, after they have known [it], to turn from the holy commandment delivered unto them.” 2 Peter 2:21 KJV
    So, feeling shame at my disobedience, I bowed my head and covered it with my hands, both of them…and I felt better…when the prayer was done, I uncovered my head and sat up. And each time they prayed, after that, I did the same thing: bowed my head low and covered it with my hands. I remembered that angels are potentially present and didn’t want to be responsible for them taking the message back to God, saying “Boy, even though Andrea knows the truth, she still wouldn’t cover her head!” That’s what made me feel guilty: how God must view me with such disappointment for me doing nothing but reject his teaching in 1 Cor. 11…..by showing up to church, of all places, with my head bare and exposed. I’m really struggling with this!! I will be honest, I’m also afraid of what people might think of me….it shames me to say that, but I don’t want to be treated as an imbecile for trying to be obedient to God…well, I’ve already been treated as dirt for my Christian convictions, so this shouldn’t be that much harder, right? It’s the same principle…….right? Then why does it feel like it might hurt worse??

  27. Leslie

    Satan can influence our thoughts and whisper ideas into our mind. To be clear where these thoughts come from, go to your heavenly Father and ask Him in a prayer whether wearing a head covering is what He desires of you. Satan often uses the philosophies of men mingled with scripture so something may seem somewhat right when it really is not of God. If what you ask God is right, you will feel a burning in your bosom (heart) and you will know the thing that you ask is right. If it isn’t right you will have a stupor of thought. Thus you will know that it does not come from God.

    • Andrea

      Part of me is really stressed a lot of the time; I believe the Scriptures have already told me what God wants me to do. And not just me, but every Christian woman out there who is truly seeking to witness on His behalf. I don’t think it’s an option, whereas on the other hand it’s an option to either wear skirts or tasteful pants; this is just so straightforward, and I feel like I would be insulting God if I did not believe His Word and instead had the gall to go up to Him and say,” Look, I know the Bible says this, but what do YOU say?” It just doesn’t even make sense to do that. I have been praying fervently for Him to give me an answer, but at the same time I feel ridiculous because He has already given me one. *I have an interesting story behind this*
      I’m nervous because part of me just wants to forget this whole thing and pretend it never happened, then I can go to college with my waist-length blonde hair all nicely curled and exposed and I won’t ever have to worry about all of the things that go with the territory of a woman who covers as a Christian in today’s society and culture, such as potentially never getting a job at a public school because of me wearing a “religious symbol” on my head and thereby having a worthless and wasted Bachelor’s Degree, being scoffed at by other Christians, creating division in my family and church, etc. I just feel a lot of personal pressure, and I’m not exactly enjoying it. But perhaps it IS God, because Satan wouldn’t be pushing me toward holiness; he wants us AWAY from holiness. He wants to destroy our relationship with our Father and Savior, and all of our earthly relationships as well, so it wouldn’t make sense for him to be telling me to cover my head; it shames him and his angels whenever we put that sign of subjection on our heads, because it reminds them of their own disobedience and inability to have the same attitude toward God that we express through wearing it. And God would be putting pressure on me from the other side, through the Holy Spirit. The classic war behind spirit and flesh! And I am caught up right in the middle of it!!
      Women covered their heads without a quip until the mid-1800s, when the womens’ rights movement started. Even up to the 1950s, women wore hats in church, even if they didn’t know where it started or who commanded it! I guess that’s how I know that Satan is not the one behind telling me to cover; in fact, he’s responsible for all of the turmoil in my head, scaring me with thoughts of joblessness and loss of friends or even family relationships. But please, continue to think and pray on this on my behalf. I’m not through with this head-covering thing yet!!! 😉

  28. Rebekah

    Hi Miss Maggie,
    A head covering covers the head. A veil is what covers the face like what muslim women wear , either covering the entire face or just below the eyes. The scriptures speak of both. Do you keep the Sabbath Day also as the 4th commandment says? http://www.yahweh.com or 1-800-613-9494 for free information.

  29. Hi Rebekah, I believe Saturday is the Sabbath and given my druthers I would keep the Sabbath, but the only Sabbath keeping churches in my area are Adventists and we aren’t Adventist so we don’t attend. I’d prefer to be 7th Day Baptist, but like I said there aren’t any in my area. Right now I attend a Primitive Baptist church sometimes and Fundamental Baptist churches at other times. I”m familiar with the Sacred Name movement and support a few of their tennants. There is an independant Church of God about an hour’s drive away, but Gas is an issue. Thanks for your comments.

    BTW, in many Christian circles it’s common practice to use the terms veil or veiling and headcovering interchangably.

    • Rebekah

      Miss Maggie ,
      You can begin to keep the Sabbath by joining us and watching our LiVE Sabbath service every Saturday at 9:30 am texas time on http://www.yahweh.com. Click on sermons . The children teach first for a few minutes.
      Remember also that scripturaly, sabbath begins on sunset Friday night and ends at sunset on Saturday night. If u would like to request FREE booklets about this , call 1-800-613-9494 and they will be sent to you or go to http://www.yahweh.com. I believe you can find that info there. 🙂

  30. David

    I recently saw your blog post about headcoverings. If you’d be interested in giving any feedback on what I’ve put together (tinyurl.com/coveredglory), I’d definitely be interested.

    I noticed on the right-hand side of your blog, you have a section partway down called “Headcovering Sisters.” Just FYI, I noticed that a few of the links there aren’t working: Ginger-Pie, Gleason Homestead, Offbeat Modest Dress, Simple Living Alaska, and The Conservative Christian Hippie.

  31. Donovan

    I am super excited to know that woman are humbling themselves before the Lord and submitting themselves unto God. For all those woman out there that are wearing coverings it is a blessing and a example of a godly woman. I have struggled with the corintheans scripture for the past year until I earnestly sought for understanding on this scripture even though I have had brothers tell me yes the head covering is more then the hair, but my problem was I was using the natural carnal mind which is enmity against God. I am thankful for all you sisters out their seeking the Word of God and being obediant. It has given me encouragement and I pray it brings other woman to want to seek the scriptures and study them to show themselves approved unto God and that other woman would follow and be a example for the Lord. The Word is the Word and it never changes. Cultures change but God never changes! Amen

  32. Weiwei

    I am wearing my covering now- I just started today… But I have a few questions:
    1) When can I take it off? (i.e. when I’m in my bedroom, when I’m in the shower (obviously), when I’m at a pool, on a rollecoaster, on the beach, to eat messy foods, when I go to bed or take a nap?)
    2) Are there times that it is ok to take it off if required (i.e. to keep a job (my mother is afraid anyone with a headcovering is subject to being fired even though most jobs say they won’t judge by religion)

  33. Rebekah

    If you would like to see women wear the headscarf while prophesying (teaching), watch a live class on http://www.yahweh.com every Tuesday night at 6:30 Texas time. Click on “semons” at the top of the page. The young women prophecy (teach) first. At anytime you can also watch archived shows on the same page. Enjoy! 🙂

  34. Just to let you know we just recently launch “The Head Covering Movement” at http://www.headcoveringmovement.com

    Thanks for drawing attention to the topic.

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