Purple Dress Pictures

Well, the dress turned out pretty, but it wasn’t so pretty on me. As a matter of fact it made me look larger than I am which is never an attractive trait in any dress. That’s the way it goes sometimes. Luckily it was quite attractive on my Mom, so I gave it to her. I will try again, with an adjusted pattern. I made the XL and I think the L will fit me better. I always have to narrow the shoulders, no matter what pattern I make. This one was empire waisted so I didn’t raise the waist any, and I’m not sure if that helped or hurt. Anyway, Mom is pretty in it. Dad likes it and that’s that. I’ll share the next one as I get it done.

I wore a white snood in these pics so it would be easier to see how it looks. I almost never wear a white one because I think the black one looks better on me, but for summer the white one is a little bit cooler and I can see in these pictures that it’s kind of pretty when the dress it’s worn with has a lot of white in it.

I’ll write more on Headcoverings later today or tomorrow. Depends on how much the guys need me in school today.





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17 responses to “Purple Dress Pictures

  1. cbrunette

    It turned out quite lovely! Your mother looks well in it. What a great way to practice with new patterns; at least the final result found a recipient!


  2. How pretty, I like the white snood

  3. I love it! You both look lovely!

  4. Mom of 4

    Actually, I think it looks very pretty on you! If you think it makes you look too big, maybe next time it would help to make the skirt a little less gathered? Or use pleats at the sides instead of gathers all around? Or use a darker color for the skirt and a coordinating, lighter color for the vest part. BTW, is this the pattern from Elizabeth Lee, and did you make it with the nursing openings?

  5. Fern

    Yes, the dress is lovely, but looks more ‘tailored’ on your mother. You’re probably right that it’s just closer to her size than yours, and that the same pattern/color would be grand on you in a smaller size.

  6. That dress looks like it was made for your mother! Beautiful on her. And it does look too big on you. Anxious to see how the L looks on you.

  7. The dress looks great! I think it looks pretty on you. 🙂

  8. speaking for the cats of the world

    Very pretty dress! It does look like it fits mother better than daughter….
    Maggie, that white snood is lovely; it looks like the perfect covering for the heat!!

  9. Very awesome work! You should sew and open an online store. 🙂 Vest dresses and cape dresses for larger ladies are in dire need. 🙂
    When I am not wearing a cape dress, I usually wear a vest dress. 🙂

    God Bless You,

  10. Very nice job. I like the white snood with it.
    ~Blessings, Anna~

  11. cindy

    I love the dress! I do agree the dress looks too big for you. It’s a beautiful style though!

  12. MizKatfysche

    I think the dress look great on you both!! The snood is a nice look too!!

  13. Nancy Michel

    I wondered where you find patterns for the jumpers that you talk about? I have Super Wally World & Joann’s Fabric stores around me. I try to wear jumpers and tee shirt type shirts under them as the only ones that I have have spaghetti straps. If you have a specific pattern name and pattern number (such as McCalls or Butterrick patterns) I would be greatful for the information. I prefer a larger, rounded/flared bottom as I can harvest from my garden using it as an apron. I fill it only to the point where the fabric it below my knees. I am interested in your head coverings also, but I know that my husband would think that “I went off the deep end”! He unfortunately is not a strong believer, nor does he read the bible. He leaves it up to me to manage the finances, which we do talk about the bills, purchases and and spending over $50 except out usual monthly bills and I have been diligent about finding ways to decrease our food budget to be under $75.00 a week since it is just the 2 of us.

    I enjoyed your prior website and still subscribe to it since it was taken over and I read your new site, The Frugal Abundance. If ANY of yoy readers have any tips or information that may help, please feel free to email me directly 9NMICHEL@rochester.rr.com) or respond to my questions and concerns via this blog.

    Thank you and God’s Blessings to all.

  14. Jennifer

    Maggie, how wonderful to see your dear face, after all you’ve done for this family through your site. The dress is lovely, and I agree, it’s just perfect on your mom. The snood you’re wearing is beautiful with it.

  15. Offbeat Modest Dress resurrected on Facebook …


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