FLDS Links

FLDS Clothing as Fashion  From the Associated press.

Scott Henson: Where’s the evidence of abuse?  From Dallas News

Captive FLDS Children  Includes pictures of the soldiers, mothers and children.

Mother’s Milk by Brooke Adams. Article about nursing mothers being taken from their babies. I can’t even express my anger and disgust over this specifically. I would have laid down and died if anyone had tried to take one of my nursing babies away from me. I would have fought tooth and nail. I would have considered all kinds of drastic measures that are inappropriate to post in public. That one act is the most shocking, the most cruel, the most downright evil that I can imagine.

For Roxie, tomorrow I’ll try to write a bit about what the covering is and why I do it. I don’t mind sharing about it. I know it’s a little weird and before I started doing it, I had never heard of it before either.

Also I have pictures to share tomorrow of my purple dress. It turned out to be a little big for me so I gave it to my Mom, who it fits perfectly. I have pics of both she and I in it and I’ll upload them in the morning.




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6 responses to “FLDS Links

  1. Roxanna Meiske

    Thank you. You are very kind to help me. I am just finding my way with Christianty. I was not raised in a church. I believe with my whole heart. I am learning. I want to learn all I can. Thank you one more time. Roxie

  2. Hi Maggie,

    This is just something forgot to mention before. I’ve been very taken with your headcovering snood after seeing it, how it blends with the hair so well. Something about that makes the real spirit of headcovering stand out rather than a “design” standing out. It’s made me realize that lack of subtlety is part of whats bothered me when i think of actually headcovering . Your more subtle covering has a more “realness” feeling that i really like.

    Anyway, Peaceful Night : ) Wendy

  3. did you buy or make your head covering?

  4. Mrs. B

    It truly is sad to see the children being removed from their mothers. Particularly the nursing babies.
    I am very worried, though. I wonder how these same apparently happy, loving people would react if a black or Hispanic person came in their midst. Their leader, Warren Jeffs, has been recorded saying some very hateful, chilling things about people who are not of European descent.
    Once again, I think that no government should forcibly remove a child from his parents without cause. But I would urge my fellow Christians to be very careful regarding the doctrine to which this group subscribes. We don’t want to miss heaven because we disobeyed God’s command to love each other.

  5. mel

    Sis, the nursing babes and mothers are not being separated. They are still here in town.
    Please understand, i am working and living in this town.
    These people not only disobeyed the law of TX, the USA and God, but also the laws set down by the founder of their sect.
    He declared that if they married, none should be under 18. Had they stuck to that, none of this would have happened.
    My heart and my prayers are with the children, not the adults who endangered them following a man gone wrong, instead of God.

  6. Kelli

    Ladies, make sure you know to whom you are talking and from whom you are taking advice. Check out the links on this page. Do you really want to affiliate with FLDS — a polygamist sect of women who bear and raise daughters to marry to perpetuate the practice. It’s against the law, and the women do not have access to birth control — a sick situation for the teenaged brides. I noticed the link to WIC — these folks are abusing the WIC program. The Fed gov’t is paying for the groceries for these HUGE polygamist families. Taxpayers, take note.

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