Headcovering as Civil Disobedience

Note–the following post is a little self-righteous. I usually try to avoid this emotion, but within the confines of this post, it seemed appropriate.

My Fred has suggested that the best way to get the government to change is to have a day when the whole country goes on strike. Granted not everyone would do it, but if many people did it, well then the Government would more obliged to take notice that we are indeed their constituents and we do expect them to follow the Constitution. I would love it if someone with greater organization skills than I were able to start some sort of movement along these lines.

I’m not able to start a nationwide strike, but I am able to wear my headcovering. It’s a simple piece of fabric (or more often these days a snood) but it carries so much weight behind it. My headcovering tells the world that I will not join in with the crumbling morals and distorted values of mainstream society. I separate myself. I separate my family.

My headcovering makes a lot of people uncomfortable. It stings some folks to see it and I suspect part of that reason is because it causes them to examine themselves. I know from personal experience that self examination can be terribly painful, and humbling, especially when I’ve been following the World in certain areas, just because it’s easier than taking a stand. Specifically Church goers, and more than a few Baby Boomers seem particularly uncomfortable and even hostile at times. I think heacoverings pinch their conscience. I know when I see another lady in a covering and for some reason I’m not wearing mine, I feel my conscience being pinched.

My headcovering is a banner, a flag. Quietly it sits atop my head, but it shouts to the world–I will not give in to peer pressure. I am a Christian, a follower of Christ. This world is headed downhill. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse, it does. I’m often surprised at how bad things have become, especially in public schools and politics. But I shouldn’t be. The Bible teaches that things will get worse before they get better.

I’m angry with my government. They’ve lost sight of the prize. They’re running the race for the sake of running, not for God and not for the people. Corruption is rampant and as loathe as I am to admit it, it will get worse. While I witness the self-destruction of my country and sit by in frustration, wishing I knew what I could do, I remember my headcovering. It symbolizes a return to morality, a return to traditional values. Which makes me think, of course a headcovering makes people uncomfortable. It’s supposed to. It acts as a wake-up call to everyone who sees it. Those who are most uncomfortable with it are the ones whose conscience it pricks the most.

Ghandi told the people of India to weave their own cloth as a symbol of their independence. It’s so simple, the act of weaving, but carries so much weight behind it. My headcovering is like that. It’s so simple on the outside, but the meaning it carries to a sinful society is weighty and complex.



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16 responses to “Headcovering as Civil Disobedience

  1. Thank you for the reminder. I don’t cover my hair, but I can find other ways to show my devotion to Chirst, to shout it from the roof tops! You have given me something to thing about!

    Also I greatly respect those ladies that do wear head coverings. I think they are beautiful and very womanly.

  2. Thank you Aimee. 🙂 I look at those ladies in Texas and think the same thing. They look like feminine, beautiful women to me. Whoever designed their “uniform” did a good job, it’s a flattering shape for many diffferent body types. I think it’s a symbol of their unity, but also of their separation from the sins of this world. I respect them for it.

  3. cbrunette

    Hadn’t thought the covering as an act of civil disobedience…but it works for me! You can also take the slant that by non-compliance to the consumerist culture through covering, you are also not complying with the government. 😉

    Great message ~Anna

  4. You go, girl! =)

    I have a question; does your headcovering cover all your hair like a hijab, or does it look more like the triangular-shaped cloth I see some women wearing?

  5. Hey Anna, Perfect. Yes, it is a symbol of non-compliance. It symbolizes a lot more too, but it’s political meanings are just now coming to light for me. I knew I was wearing the covering for God, and for my Hubby, but now there is even more reason to do it. Hee!

    Keely, I wear a snood most often these days, a nylon crocheted snood, with a matching scarf (like a bandana, only solid colored) rolled up into a long skinny “sausage” and wrapped around my head like a headband to cover the seam where I clip the snood to my hair. I’ve also worn triangular shaped ones, both with darts to keep the flare down and with the flare, for variation. I’ve tried wearing “Charity” style coverings that cover all of my hair, and also mennonite style caps, but the snood seems to suit my personality and the shape of my face better. I usually wear a black one or a brown one with matching “sausage” headband.

  6. lewella

    I’ve come to the conclusion that people tend to pressure others into doing or not doing what they are doing or not doing because they lack confidence their own choices. As long as you don’t tell me I’m wrong for not covering my own head, I’m perfectly fine with you covering yours. As for the government, I doubt a one day strike will do much good. I think what people need to do is find out where the money is coming from and hit them there. Either that or tackle the issues one at a time. But as you said, it’s difficult. Especially when people want to bury their head in the sand and I admit I’m guilty of that as well.

  7. This is a really “neat” entry – you have some interesting ways of looking at this, and I am glad you shared with “the world”.

  8. Thanks LisaM. 🙂 I’m enjoying your blog. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing Lewella, always nice to have a wide variety of opinions. 🙂

  9. Great post!!
    I also wear a headcovering. 🙂

  10. Thankyou Lacy. I linked to your blog a few days ago. YOur review of Beautiful Girlhood was nice. Gave me some ideas for book reports for my boys. Nice to see you 🙂 Maggie

  11. You’re welcome. 🙂 I linked to your blog from mine, too.

    I’m glad you liked the review, I hope to do a few more for some of my other books! 😀

    Nice to meet you, Maggie!

  12. Anonymous

    I read your article on Head Covering I want you to think about this:

    The glory of God is to be revealed and the glory of man is to be covered. As you witness the gross darkness covering the earth and gross darkness the people, know that the Lord shall arise upon the earth and the glory of the Lord shall be seen upon thee!
    I as a women ought to have a covering on my head because of the angels. I don’t know what that part means, but I believe it is in part having to do something with God’s glory being revealed and mans’ glory being covered.
    God wants to reveal his glory every moment of every day and he shall arise valiantly in this manner always now an forever!

    God IS, he truly IS at work both to will and to do his good pleasure. God’s glory is to be seen! Man’s glory is to be covered!

  13. speaking for the cats of the world

    For those still struggling to find a style of headcovering, or maybe still trying to discern God’s will for their lives, in this area, may I recommend taking a look at some of the lovely sites set for (predominantly) Jewish & Muslim ladies?
    Tznius.com, and a site called “Hijab Girl” have perfectly beautiful (& totally nonfrumpy) scarves. I like them for prayer….There is something about the way that they seem to close out the world for a few minutes.
    I got the idea, reading recently, that Susanna Wesley used to pray with an apron over her head. It was a small tabernacle for her, but her children recalled it in later life, as the absolute knowledge that “we need to be quiet; mother is praying”.

  14. Oh am I so happy to have clicked on “Frugal Abundance” at the Old Fashioned Education site! I had been waiting and hoping that you would be back at your other blog, but to no avail! I am certainly going to add your new blog to my blog list. 🙂
    My heart is also happy to hear you are still wearing your covering! I have been wearing a covering since September of 2007, and have been blessed in the Lord on this issue.
    God’s blessings!
    Mrs. J. Gunning

  15. Emmy

    Hi Maggie,
    great post! I have been wearing a covering for about 2 years, and it amazes me too how this cloth on my head can make such a statement. It’s even neat to think that the Lord calls us to a meek and quiet spirit and yet our headcoverings can do more talking than we ever could!

  16. Emmy wrote . . .
    >>>It’s even neat to think that the Lord calls us to a meek and quiet spirit and yet our headcoverings can do more talking than we ever could!<<<

    Amen! It let’s God speak louder than I ever could.

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