New Blog Template

I chose a new blog template. Do you like it or hate it? Please let me know.

UpDate–went back to old template for larger font size.

🙂 Maggie



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9 responses to “New Blog Template

  1. Terrie

    Hey Maggie,

    Like the new look. Something tells me you favor green. 🙂

  2. Hee Terrie, what gives you that idea?

    I changed it back, this is the only template I could find with a large enough font to be comfortable on old eyes (like mine) and I don’t know how to increase the font on the other templates yet. Until then, this will do. 🙂

  3. turtlemoma

    Hello, I’m a new homeschool mom and a friend turned me on to your great site! We have a lot in common! We are almost always in famine so learning to do for ourselves has become second nature for us too. I make all of our snacks, breads and most of our chips and crackers for health and money reasons. I just learned how to bake our bread in a dutch oven on our outside grill! Turns out beautiful i might add! (out of propane for home oven, no money for it right now, we make do) Since making the decision to eat whole foods and no chemicals if possible (nitrates, msg, ect) I’m amazed how much cheaper groceries are and how much better we feel as a family! My kids are young and adventurous so we haven’t had too many problems with food. Last night we even ate Dandelion Greens! (it was 2 for 2 on that one) A tip for you, local farmers markets sellers will be willing to sell bulk to you for low prices sometimes, especially when they have produce that is going to go bad if no one buys it. I freeze a lot of our winter veggies this way. More work for me but much cheaper for us! Keep up the good work it’s great to meet a like mind!

  4. I like….. wait, its still the same! Oh yes, font size. I switch my site to dark colors, easier to read with my eye strain. I am glad your enjoying WordPress. Blogging made pretty easy. When PM & HM are ready to blog again, help them set up a WordPress site, please?

    See ya


  5. Eric, I promise to teach them WordPress. On my honor. 🙂

    I tried posting comments on your site (like the new color scheme) and tried to vote for your Kilted Kitty, but couldn’t. The link to Kitty brought me to the cheeseburger site, but no kitty pic, and when I tried to comment it told me to fill out the anti-spam word, only I couldn’t see it in the comment area, so I couldn’t fill it out. I check again later today.

    This afternoon I’m off to the folks for the boys to go to church with Dad and I’m going to cook for them, a few meals. Mom is not the most motivated cooker-person (as I’m sure you remember–zucchini surprise!) so I’m going to see what I can do. I gave them a grocery list last week and if they bought the groceries, I’ll get them a few meals in the fridge and freezer for later in the week.

    Dad often mentions how well yall eat out there in Seattle and what a good cook you are. When you are able to visit you should make him some of your salmon, he still talks about it with love in his eyes and drool on his lips.

    Hope the eyes improve. :o) Hugs & Love–M

  6. Turtlemoma, nice to meet you :). My kids still want bad stuff like MSG (ramen noodles) and pork bacon with lots of nitrates. I’m not buying it though. Well, the ramen I do buy sometimes, because it’s so cheap and they love it so much and prepare it themselves. Pork bacon and nitrates though, I’m doing my best to make them a thing of the past. I probably have some pork-farmer readers who disagree, but for me, I feel much better when I avoid red meat, pork especially.

    I’m hoping we can garden this year so I can freeze and can the extra. Our local farmer’s market is a Yuppy panacea, all expensive and out of my price range. You’re lucky you have one that’s so reasonable adn willing to negotiate.

    Living this way is more work, but it’s honest work and the results are evident in our children’s faces and our wallets.

    I’ve baked bread on our grill too! How cool is that. When the temperature is high enough (but not too high) and the lid is shut it works just like an oven. Praying for a stove solution for you. I know how frustrating that can be. Mine conked out a few years back and it was challenging to wait for a new one. Finally Fred found a guy at work who had kids and had married another lady with kids. They combined 2 households and had an extra stove, 5 years old, but almost never used. We got it for $50 and it’s been going strong ever since. For a “scratch-cook” it’s hard to work without basic necessities like a stove, but when one is willing, the impossible becomes possible and infinitely satisfying.

  7. Billie

    Yes, I do like this layout better, easier to read plus it resembles the rest of your site (which I love for its simplicity!)

  8. I was just revisiting some of my favorite homeschool sites, and stopped by OFE, which led me here. I couldn’t find an email addy for you anywhere — probably wasn’t looking in the right place.

    I love what you’ve done – OFE – and recommended it to many who are new to homeschooling or would like to homeschool but think that they can’t afford it.

    Thanks so much for what you’ve done.

    Blessings, MaggieRaye

  9. My Pleasure MaggieRaye :-). I don’t have a public email addy right now, but i’ll get one soon enough and then I’ll let everyone know about it up front.

    Thanks for the feedback 🙂 Maggie

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