UK Newspaper Reports: ‘USA 2008: The Great Depression’ « Generalistgrant’s Weblog

UK Newspaper Reports: ‘USA 2008: The Great Depression’ « Generalistgrant’s Weblog

And Just one more. Sorry, it’s on my mind today, and if I don’t vent it out here, then the kids have to listen to me rant on it all day. The boys than you for your indulgence of their mother. 😉



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5 responses to “UK Newspaper Reports: ‘USA 2008: The Great Depression’ « Generalistgrant’s Weblog

  1. Hi Maggie,

    Yes this recession stuff is just incredible! It’s funny, i get so drawn to vintage living, but we forget that this very sort of thing was part of it too, this recession-ness. And it has been SO hard right now. Well, no need to tell you i know, we all feel the pinch…make that huge squeeze. But something about looking back to times that were like this before, and many folks spirits still kept up somehow, and how their creativity came more to the fore to too, feels encouraging. And right now i am feeling so squeeed i need all the encouragement i can get!

    This is about an post further down, but i was nodding my head when you were talking about spluring so much on non-neccessities when there was a higher paycheck ….only to wish later you’d saved it. Been there over and over again, likely will be there again. I think something happens to us when we have to scrimp too much, we crave some luxury and that comes out somehow.

    Hope i’m not making too long a comment here, but i was struck by a post over at Holy Experience ( about joy as a luxury…a neccessary luxury. (I’ve explored this area too before, but not nearly as elequently as she did). Its funny how the word luxury means “to loosen”, as she points out. Maybe if we can “loosen” things somehow in our spirit even as we are being frugal we wont end up binging so much later? Don’t know…

    Well, hope alls well with you Maggie

    Peaceful Week : ) Wendy

  2. whoops, typo city up there, sorry about that, was trying to send it while the net was still up just in case….

  3. Hey Wendy, I’m still marveling over a previous post of yours on “Need not Greed”. One day I hope to blog on it extensively. As usual, you’ve given me much to think about.

    I too am drawn to the way folks “used to live.” I think their standards and expectations were different than ours. We see so much on TV that suggests even “poor” folks live an upper-middle class lifestyle. I know that at times I have felt embaressed that my home didn’t represent more “wealth”. I’ve even had some visitors turn their noses up because our home doesn’t represent a “higher standard” of living.

    I love the internet because it gives me a glimpse into the lifestyles of my peers, who are living about the same way I do, not literally dirt poor, but not high on the hog either.

    I’m working on keeping my expectations in check while keeping some standards (like organization, neatness, cleanliness) high and others (new car, new furniture, hole in back porch ceiling repaired, tile in TV room replaced etc.) reasonably low. Come to think of it, we might have been able to afford cheap replacement tile instead of some of our recent splurges. I’ll put it on my “I want it” list for next time we have feasting.

    Hugs & Love honey, thanks for link, checking it out now.
    🙂 maggie

  4. Hey Wendy, I looked at the link and you’re right, it’s lovely. Reminds me of some of my Mom’s writing. Blessings–M

  5. Hi There Maggie,

    Aw, that was sweet what you said, thank you. The “need not greed” stuff is definitely inspired by my finace, its his motto really and i think he’s right. Its one of the things i really love about him. I see it all over your writing too : )

    Expectations really do have such a huge effect don’t they…why on earth do folks expect everyone to have a high standard of being materialistic, like that’s such a wonderful thing? Our “standard of living” should be based on what is lasting and meaningful, not superficial…like you are doing.
    I definitely need to check out your Mother’s writing.

    Sending now while the net is strong…

    Hugs & Love Right Back : ) Wendy

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