Stock-Market Insecurity

Chaos on Wallstreet

Paulson to Propose Financial Market Overhaul

Parsing Paulson’s Proposal

The government is talking about making the Federal Reserve bigger (much, much bigger) so it can better regulate the stock market. I hope it doesn’t come to fruition. My personal belief is that making gov’t bigger is seldom the solution. Making it smaller and putting individuals in the position where they have to behave with integrity or suffer the consequenses is.

I’m not sure how to transfer this philosophy to health care. I have many friends and family members who simply go without health care currently and I see how drastically it affects their quality of life. We’re lucky. We have health insurance through Fred’s employer. They recently doulbed the amount they’re taking from our paycheck though and we’re feeling the pinch.

I’ll write more about how we’re feeling the pinch later today or tomorrow.

For today, I’m watching the stock-market. I don’t have stocks, but I think it’s one of the indicators of how our economy is doing. I suspect things will not go well today, one way or the other.



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3 responses to “Stock-Market Insecurity

  1. cbrunette

    The Federal Reserve is not a branch of the government. It is a private bank. This is not conspiracy stuff. The book, The Creature from Jekyll Island, goes into great detail on how the Fed was created. We need to know how our monetary system works, at least before it all goes kablooey.

    Also interesting to note is that J.P Morgan was one of the founding bankers of the Fed. Didn’t they just get a sweetheart deal on another financial firm? Hmmm…


  2. Leta

    Miss Maggie, I am glad to have found you again! I lost you somehow.

    Healthcare… blarg. I did my thesis on the U.S. healthcare crisis. Everyone has to be covered, or everyone will pay through the nose. There are a lot of complicated reasons why this is the case, but, sadly, it is how it is. And it is a mess.

  3. Karen

    On the news last night was a story about a poor man who had no job and no insurance and dying of prostate cancer. he lived in oregon And applied for State insurance: they sent him a lovely letter that said : your prognosis is not within our treatment guide lines (but we will assist you in medication to end your life. NO JOKE since his chemo may not work then they will not pay but they will help him dye!!! I am not sure I want State of Federal insurance either. Your dying and they say sorry your odds are not good give up and we can help. I pray he will live and become a poster child on how the State try to kill me!
    Ms Maggie Thank you for your work I love hillybilly house wife AND Old fashion Education If you do not hear it often enough you are a true Blessing from our LORD and Savior.

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