Miss Maggie, I have this recipe . . .

I get literally, hundreds of offers of recipes every year. In the past I was unable to keep up with them. I’ve received so many over the years, that they sometimes seem more of a burden than a gift. I know that sounds mean, and truly I do not mean for it to. I find it overwhelming though, and can’t see the forest for the trees.

So I’ve been thinking about ways to handle that. In all honesty I am interested new recipes. Of course I am, I LOVE new recipes. I can only appreciate them within certain boundaries though. 

So what I’ve decided is that each month I will accept recipes on a specific subject, and I will only accept them on my blog, not through e-mail. I don’t do this to hurt anyone. As a matter of fact, I am trying to find a way to recieve and appreciate more recipes from my readers, and I think this method might do the trick.

I’ll make a new post later tonight with the current subject. I would apprecite it if you could post your recipes on that blog post, because it will be easier for readers to find your recipes in the blog archives.

If I try and love a recipe so much that I want to publish it on my site, then I’ll credit it to whoever posted it.

Thank-you sooooooo much for understanding. And I sincerely apologize for any feelings I’ve hurt over the years by not begin able to accept recipes with more grace.



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6 responses to “Miss Maggie, I have this recipe . . .

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  2. Mandy

    I think this is a great idea! That way, those of us that have cheap and easy recipes don’t overwhelm you. I can be somewhat overwhelming :D.

  3. cbrunette

    Just wanted to say, Welcome to WordPress, Miss Maggie!

    Your Frugal Abundance site is shaping up nicely, too.

    Veiled Glory blog

  4. Sounds like a great solution!

    I finally added Frugal Abundance to my sidebar, but in trying to add your blog feed to my blog roll, I keep getting an error.

    It adds the feed, but I never get any updates, even when you’ve posted. Oh, well!

  5. Thanks Meredith. I’m looking into it to see if I can fix it. There are so many new things to learn with a new blog. If anyone else has WordPress and knows how to fix it, will they please let me know.

    Meanwhile I’m combing through FAQ.

  6. Hello Mrs Maggie.
    I’ve been a fan of your recipes for years now. You’ve really helped my family start our voyage into frugality. 🙂 I was wondering if we could make a recipe request? I was reading through your recipes and saw in leather breeches you mentioned bannock? My Dh has been asking me to find a recipe. His family is NA and his father passed away before I could learn to make it from him. If you wouldn’t mind sharing your recipe if you have one, I would be very grateful to be able to make it for my DH. 🙂
    Blessings & Love
    Amanda C

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