Granny Apple Green

I think I’m satisfied with the color scheme now. I may change the dark green headings on the the Recipe Index page to lighter green like on the Food Storage page. I”ll have to let it soak in a while before I’m sure.

I’ve added a light green bar under the heading on the main pages that will contain any updates to that section. On the Recipe Index and  Food Storage pages you can find the recipes I’ve been adding. I added soem icons on the Food Stoage page to identify which types of starge goods each recipe uses. Let me know what you think of them. Are they redundant or helpful?

I know some of the readers store dehydrated foods for emergencies, but I don’t know how many. If you are interested in more information on using dehydrated foods, please let me know. If you prefer recipes using more commonly available canned goods and supermarket staples let me know that too.

I love pantry & preparedness meals and menus. Ever since I discovered dehydrated vegetables I’ve been having so much fun with them. It might be somthing that not many people are interested in though, so please let me know your opinions on it one way or the other.



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12 responses to “Granny Apple Green

  1. Kat

    Overseas we use most of our food as canned vegetables or fruits. I’d be very interested if you have any recipes for those. Keep up the great work!

  2. Thankyou Kat, that’s exactly the kind of feedback I need 🙂 M

  3. Michelle

    Maggie, will you consider offering up another low-cost menu option, using your new nutrition ideas?

  4. Yes Michelle, I have it in my brain but am still simmering on it. I’ll let everyone know here and on the main site when I get it done. 🙂

  5. Mandy

    I have some helpful recipes for items like rice milk, hummus (without tahini), a super easy rustic italian round loaf, mexican vegetable soup, seasonal produce, etc. You are more than welcome to email me if you want me to pass these along.

  6. Zooey

    I think that the canned and (especially!) dehydrated foods are wonderful, too.
    Right now, for example, there is a snowstorm out there, but I am OK, because I have all kinds of dried & canned foods: Soups, & casseroles & stir fries–All kinds of wonderful things can be made with food fromthe pantry shelf.
    And recipes & ideas for using the dried things are really hard to find. (My own favorite, besides beans & peas, is the “soup greens” mix from nearby Amish/Mennonite stores….All things you would usually add fresh, but can’t because…the roads are impassible!)

  7. opheliag

    I made donut muffins this morning for the kids and thought of you. I hope that you have a wonderful Sunday! I love the new site. You have done an amazing job. Since we are mainly vegetarians, I can’t wait to try the new recipes. I tried the Chicken Seitan recipe. So easy. This one will become my standby recipe. I thought it tasted better than the mixes sold in stores too. The kids loved their “chicken” nuggets. Thank you!


  8. Melissa E

    I would love to know more about your uses of dehydrated foods. To be honest, they have sparked my interest lately and would like some good useful recipies for them. THANKS!!!

  9. PM

    mmmmm yummmy green color … I yike it sooooo.

  10. Roxanna Meiske

    I buy a lot of dehydrated fruits for my family. I like that they are easy to transport when we travel. I can keep them in the car and not worry about them going bad. We love blueberries, banana, and strawberries. I often put these into Cherrios too. (generic oat cereal)
    Thanks for the new site. It is very nice. I look forward to new recipes. Roxie

  11. Olivia

    I am very interested in the dehydrated food recipes. I remember my grandmother ALWAYS keeping big containers of dried green pepper and dried onion in her cabinet.

    I do have a question about them, though. Should these item be purchased, or dried at home with a food dehydrator? I’ve been thinking about purchasing one for years ( my husband is a beef jerky fanatic, and my mother in law makes it for him for special occasions). I was really just wondering which was more cost-effective.

    Thanks for all you do!

  12. Hi Olivia,

    If you garden then a dehydrator is definitely a worthwhile investment. If you are purchasing your produce for regular grocery store prices, then it’s cheaper to buy the veggies already dehydrated.

    If your hubby is a jerky fanatic, then owning an inexpensive dehydrator would just make good sense. Homemade jerky is always cheaper than storebought. And if he’s buying better quality jerky already, then he will appreciate the homemade stuff even more.

    HTH, 🙂 M

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