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Whew, I have worked my fingers and my brain until they’re both bleeding. 🙂 Well, not really, but I have worked really hard and I am pleasantly exhausted. I took all of the suggestions to heart and tossed them around in my brain until I came up with something that I think sets FA apart from it’s predecessor. It’s a little gaudy with all the red, and I’m not sure I will keep the red, but for the moment it does the job. I also rewrote my introduction. It’s not set in stone either, but it’s getting there.

I’m interested in any feedback yall might have on the new look. If necessary you can comment anonymously, I prefer honesty to fibs.

I changed the name of the Sewing Room to Hobby Room, so I can put more than my sewing  stuff there. It will be at least January until I get anythign up on that page, but I will let everyone know when I do. I also added a new section called Frugal Food Storage. I do lots of cooking with canned and dried goods and it will be pleasant for me to have a place to share them. They aren’t exactly mainstream, but they are one of the ways we deal with our Feast and Famine lifestyle, so I thought I’d share. I have been uncomfortably poor at different times of my life, so I have a tendency to keep my pantries full in case of future scarcity.

This afternoon I took the boys out to my folk’s house. It was wonderful to be with my Mom and sister. The topic of hording (hoarding?) came up and I realized that part of the reason I’m overweight is because I hoard food on my body. Working with my food storage program reminds me that I can hoard all the food I like in the pantry, but I Do Not have to store it on my body. This was a breakthrough for me and I was happy for the revelation.

I’ve been reading the Weigh Down Diet by Gwyn Shamblyn (sp?) and find that it is really speaking to my heart. It suggests that controlling the food is not the problem–counting calories, exchanges or fat grams. Self control is not the problem either because few of us have adequate self-control to do anything as gigantic as losing weight. Instead she recommends asking God to take control of our appetites and trusting Him to direct our paths. She also talks a lot about recognizing hunger and satiety and responding to these feeling as soon as we feel them. Especially satiety or fullness. I have realized the past week of reading this book that I tend to eat past fullness to a pleasantly comfortable stupor. Boy is that surely an uncomfortable thing to learn about myself. Still with each realization I’m able to let go of bad habits and the results are showing up, slowly but surely, on the scale. I’m not going to update very often about my on going struggle to lose weight. But when I have some success I will share it.

Over the next week or two I’ll update the rest of the pages at FA so the style will match the front page. Tonight though, I’m going to blissful sleep.



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18 responses to “New Front Page

  1. Olivia

    I love the new green! It is so soothing. I am also very glad to see this site. I have been a long time reader of HBHW, and I think that your work has been such a blessing in my life. I am not exagerating when I say I use at least one of your recipes every day. All of your tips have helped me lower our family’s food cost dramatically! I have also started sewing again. It was a hobby that I didn’t think I “had time for”, but now that we aren’t going out to eat or run to the grocery store every night, I have found that I have a lot more time during the day, even though I am cooking and baking from scratch.

    Thank you for everything that you do! God Bless.

  2. Your new site is looking great! I have always LOVED all your graphics. I don’t know WHERE you get them, but they are unique (I’ve never seen them anywhere else) and simple. Regarding the WeighDownDiet, I have read Gwen Shamblin’s books, and found them to be very helpful, too. But you may also consider looking at The Lord’s Table course, which can be found on the website. WDD was a breakthrough for me, but TLT course was what ended my weight loss battle. Thanks for what you do here. It has saved me tons of money and been a huge encouragement and inspiration to me. ~Jana

  3. Looks great! Love the ‘forties look to the graphics and I’m a quilt freak, so of course love that. I like the intro, too!

    I’m with you on the hoarding…know exactly what you mean 😉


  4. Barb

    The green looks great. Very pleasing to the eye. I’m looking forward to getting many frugal and healthy ideas from your site in the future. Have a great day.

  5. Hi Maggie,

    Love the new design, the green feels fresh and hopeful, the quilt on the banner comforting…its like a cozy kitchen where one would want to pull up a chair : )

    And i agree the whole “self control” thing is a joke, what we need is for God to be more and more in control.

    Tossing the hoarding on the body thing is hard though i think, becuase a womans body especially wants to do just that, an instinctive hoarding of fat to stave off times of famine so the woman will survive and her children will have milk, its in our genes. God is bigger than genes of course, but He did create them. Lately ive been wondering if its not the “hoarding” thats the problem but the ~why~ we do it…it just “feels” different when its done for selfish reasons than when its done deep down with hopes of being able to be more of a nurturer from it. But i don’t know, this stuff is all still a muddle…

    Blessed Advent : ) Wendy

  6. Glad everyone is enjoying the Green. It reminds me of the green from the 1940’s, so like Maggie pointed out, it matches the graphics :-).

    (P.S Maggie, thankyou for the gift 🙂 I’m still struggling to get myself to the post office 😉 )

    Wendy, yes, it does feel like a homey kitchen to me too. I think that’s what I’m after.

    I’m completely with you on this stuff being a muddle. God did give us that desire to hoard food on our bodies, you’re right, I forgot that part. I praise God for it too–my children were blessedly well fed because of my body’s natural ability to do that. My child bearing years seem to be over though, unless the Lord has a surprise in store for us, and I’m not ready to count that out yet. I’m only 38 and miracles happen all the time, even with fertility issues. Still, I know i have been selfish about hoarding food on my body. Not doing it for altruistic reasons, or for instinctive reasons, but for my own selfish desire for that stupor. I realize more and more how often I eat until I reach that state. It’s past full, but not so much as to make myself sick. Like I said, a pleasant, even comforting stupor, but a stupor none the less. I’m praying He show me how to let go of the need for that feeling, because I don’t think it serves me, or helps me serve Him.

    🙂 Miss Maggie

  7. Roxanna Meiske

    Wow. What a change. I was “here” yesterday and it was red, now today this beautiful green. I love it. The quilt at the top is just right. Miss Maggie you have done it again. I really like it. Very very much. Thanks for all you do. Roxie

  8. I love the new look, and the green is such a pretty color. (I didn’t like the red so much) Keep up the good work!!!!


  9. I like the new site, and I like the green. Green is one of my favorite colors. A “what’s new” would be nice near the top of the home page, that way it would be easier to know what has been added and updated. Also, I just finished reading “The Weight Loss Cure They Don’t Want You to Know About” By Kevin Trudeau. It is an excellent book, and said basically what I’ve been telling hubby for a long time. It’s not what we eat, it’s how they process the foods and the chemicles that go into them that is bad for us. Check it out from the library when you have time. It’s a real eye opener.

  10. Kat in KY

    Yes I love the green! So much better. And so happy that you have started a new website. I was so sad to read that you turned over your other one, and was going to miss you. Now I look forward to seeing what this new place will bring.

    Thank You for all the wonderful information over the years, and the time you have put into it.

    Bless You,

  11. Shannon

    I can’ t get to the old website it’s now password protected. Anyone know anything about this. I’m in a panic, there is a recipe there I really need.


  12. Not a clue Shannon, maybe she’s updating.

  13. Hi – it’s Susanne the “new” hillbillyhousewife.

    We’re updating the site and ran into some technical difficulties. Support is working on it.

    Shannon, send me an email about the recipe you need and I’ll send it your way.

    Great job on the new look of frugal abundance Miss Maggie. Love the color.


  14. Thanks Susanne, I’ve been working and working and the layout seems to be coming together. Thanks for your patience while the old creative juices get flowing :-).

    Good luck with the technical difficulties. They’re one my worst pet peeves. Grrr. Arrgh.

  15. Glad you got the gift! 🙂

  16. Thanks Maggie – I could use some by now LOL. Let’s just say they are starting to drive me Bananas.


  17. Anonymous

    I love,love, love the green!! It is just perfect with the graphics. (Red was too bright for me; green is 😉 just right).

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