Reader Input Requested

A few folks have mentioned to me how similar Frugal Abundance is to HBHW, and I would like to design it so there are fewer similarities, but to tell the truth, I don’t know how. I considered using color images, but readers have mentioned how much they like the black and white, and to tell the truth I like the B&W images better too. So I am interested in some other ways I could make Frugal Abundance stand more on it’s own. The way it looks right now is not the way it has to stay, I can change things around organizationally, I can use 1 or 2 colors to add depth. I’m sure there are lots of other things too, but I don’t know what they are. If anyone has any ideas or links to share, please let me know what they are.

I feel it’s more respectful of Suzanne if I can limit the similarities between FA & HBHW, but since I’m still using the same brain and the same creative spark to create FA, I’m kind of stuck about how to make that happen. Looking forward to your feedback. :-)Miss Maggie



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17 responses to “Reader Input Requested

  1. Melissa

    Be who you are. We enjoy your writing. Your perspective has changed not your style. Susanne should be who she is too. It would be a loss to all not to have you both. Thanks! Melissa

  2. Roxanna Meiske

    Miss Maggie I am so glad to have found your blog again. I can’t begin to tell you how much I missed it. It was missing an old friend. I wish I could explain it better. I will enjoy your new site too I am sure. I will look around and study. Thanks for sharing your life through your blog. Roxie in Texas.

  3. Michelle

    Well, the format is almost identical. Maybe something as simple as bulletted links instead of the table format that HBHW has would change things up a bit. Also, using a different font & size would be a way to change things a little. I like the red highlights throughout. You could format the recipes so that they look like a cookbook (you know, two columns instead of written paragraph style). That would look different. Adding pictures of some of the recipes is another way to change things up. I hear you about wanting to show respect for the new owner of HBWH. I hope some of those ideas spark something for you. God bless.

  4. The format of your sites is part of their charm. Your creative spark seems to ‘fly upward’ in that direction. 😉

    Susanne appreciated that when she acquired HBHW, I’m sure, and I’m also sure that she wouldn’t begrudge you using ‘your’ style at FA.

    That said….pray on it….give it a while to simmer. To me, FA looks a good bit different from HBHW already. Less old fashioned, a bit more streamlined, maybe. And then there’s the jolt of color in the background! All nice!

    I have no suggestions, really. Just pray and ‘simmer’.
    Love you, girl…

  5. Hi Maggie,

    Your new start here has such a fresh yet deep feeling, it’s wonderful : ) And i echo some of the others here…your new start is about authenticity and so your art and style makes sense to follow suit. If there are things from the “old” that still much your style then it seems to me it makes senses to carry them forward. Perhaps Susanna’s own style will emerge more and more over time on HBHW, as the time is right…this was a prayerful decision and i’ve no doubt God’s hand will be guiding you both anyway as things unfold : )

    So glad to see you back, i’ve missed you!

    Cheerful Blessings,


  6. Lily in TX

    Dear Maggie,

    Maybe a different point of view might give you some ideas:

    You have true abundance………

    Ten years ago, I left my tiny, rural house in the foothills of the Rockies to chase the almighty dollar in Dallas. I succeeded in that quest, but found that it was not the right quest.

    I am now a not-so-abundant suburbanite, with three kids, a husband, an exhausting job and all the nonsense that entails. I am struggling mightily to extricate us from this, so that we can return to a place where we can feel the dirt beneath our feet and see the stars in the sky. The city is just no place for me.

    There is no envy….I simply find your life (no matter how hard at times) to be an inspiration. I, too, want to be where my soul and mind can be free, where I can teach my children what is truly important, and where I can revel in the wonders of nature.

    I’m now just a city girl, once again looking for a home….

    Bless you Miss Maggie!!


  7. The focus of HBHW was food but there is much more to an abundant life than food. Perhaps you could expand your writings to include some of the other frugal things you are doing, reading, or learning that make you feel abundant. For example when you and Fred were trying to purchase a different home it was interesting to read the whats & whys of your search. Sometimes reading why someone considers an idea frugal can start the wheels turning in our own heads–a different point of view can be a big help. Whatever you decide I am glad you are back.

  8. You have made me a different person and have kept my family fed for the most part of the year by what I learned on Hillbilly Housewife. I was so sad to hear that you had handed the site over to someone else fearing the changes that would be made to my favorite recipe and money saving tips site. I don’t like the Google Ads that are on there now. I used to copy and paste the recipes from there to my word processor and print them off to keep in my recipe book and to help me with my weekly menus (btw, I managed to create 4 weekly menus spending an average of $50/week, $55 at the most, and two of those 4 weeks we are able to purchase 5 pounds of beef and a bag of chicken tenderloins. ) Since those Google Ads are placed in the center of some recipes, it will make it harder for me to accomplish getting the recipe onto my computer. It makes me sad. But I am very, VERY excited to find your new site where things may be very similar to Hillbilly Housewife, but they are familiar and comforting to me. You have saved my family $100’s of dollars and I sincerely thank you! I hope to be able to help others the same as you have. My website above only really has the projects I have made by looming on it, but I hope to also have knitting, crochet, and COOKING on there in the future. Last year, at this time, I hated to cook. I was the ‘boxed meal queen’ but you made me a ‘cook’ and we cook three times a day around here. Making most everything myself and I am so proud! I owe you a lot! God bless you, Miss Maggie! (My mother’s name is Margaret and her family in the east calls her Maggie. I find that comforting to.)

  9. mary

    Hi Maggie,
    I have enjoyed your site very much in the last year or so that I discovered it. It has inspired me to go back to cooking from scratch and to encourage my married daughter to explore cooking options too. I like the simple format without alot of “stuff” on the sides. The red is a nice touch. As Sussanne writes more and adds her personal touches to the HBHW site it will become her site. I do like the idea of articles on sewing and other homemaking skills. Blessings, Mary

  10. Anonymous

    I agree with Mary :). As Suzanne keeps adding her own touches to HBHW it will become more like her own website. As for me, I love the way you are creating frugal abundance! Whatever you decide, whether it is to change it up a bit or alot I will always feel right at home here with you :).

  11. Oops! That was me who posted the last entry “Anonymous” lol.

  12. Stacy

    I think something as simple as changing the font will make a huge impact. The font used on HBHW seems very distinct, and that might be why it seems so like Frigal Abundance. (I like the title and the new site, im so glad I found you!)

  13. Z

    I think that as Suzanne moves into the HBHW site, that it will take on more of her own personal style. So, in time, as this site grows, & Suzanne makes changes to the other one, there will be natural differences that will occur.
    In other words: Don’t worry too much about it! There are bound to be similarities, but there are going to be more things different as time goes on….
    Just so very glad that you are still around!!!

  14. Beachmom

    I have been enjoying HBHW for several months now. It was a blessing and special help to me when I needed it so much. A very belated but sincere thank you for sharing your knowledge with me when I needed it most. I am so glad that I found your new site. It is already new and different and I love it. When some people said it was similar to HBHW I think they probably meant it was familiar to them. A place where they felt at home. I know I felt at home the minute I found Frugal Abundance. I think it’s great just the way it is. I love that you stuck with the black and white and I enjoy the expanded content. I LOVE hearing from you more. I am also grateful that you have kept it simple and easy. It is uncluttered and in this internet world that is truly a breath of fresh air.Trust the Lord and keep on doing what He lays on your heart and it will be fantastic, as always. I also found your mother’s blog today and I love it. Will be spending a little time there every day as well! It is going to be interesting to go on the journey with you as you build your site. I look forward to many more daily visits to Frugal Abundance. Love and blessings Miss Magie.

  15. Wendy

    Maggie, I want to thank you for again for your site hillbillyhousewife. I am so glad to see you are starting fresh with this one. I want you to know that I have learned so much about cooking from you. I became ill and was out of work for about two and a half years. Needless to say, we had very little money. Your recipes not only taught me how to cook, but kept us fed on limited funds. Thankyou! Please don’t ever doubt yourself since you never know how many people have been helped. The new site looks great so far. I would like to say that it is comforting not to see so many ads on your new site. I notice you are exploring more storage and pantry ideas here and thats terrific. I like the healthy newer recipes as well. It is a pleasure to visit your site. It is easy on the eyes and not too crowded or cluttered. I also appreciate the new art with it. Keep up the good work Maggie, so many of us appreciate it!

  16. Wendy

    Maggie, I forgot something I wanted to share with you. My cookbook is made up of many of your recipes and tips. My family thanks you too since I have never been much of a cook until now. May God richly bless you, Merry Christmas and I look forward to adding more to my cookbook in the future.

  17. miss maggie i have truely missed you! Just stumbled on your new page! I just loved when you ran hbhw. I too being frugal minded. Good luck and health to you.

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